Put eggs with Kate and Willam, or with Beyonce, J Lo and nobility on the Easter dinner table? These Easter eggs with celebrity faces are really an art and turn your Easter presents and Easter decorations into a real eye-catcher! And here’s the surprise for you – you can easily make the eggs with faces yourself. The faces are not recognized immediately, but only at the second or even third glance. But that’s the exciting thing! Take a look at our guide and see for yourself how easy it is! The end result will fascinate you!

Easter Eggs with Celebrity Faces – DIY Instructions

So that the beautiful portraits of the celebrities appear on their eggs, you should paint the faces. No doubt, not everyone is a professional painter and therefore the eggs can look ugly. So that this is not the case, we have prepared a step by step guide. We painted half of them with celebrity faces and decorated the others with funny sayings.

Look here, how it works:

The secret in this guide is the tattoo paper. Search for portraits of your favorite stars on the Internet, print them on tattoo paper and cut out the templates in an oval shape. How do you carry the templates directly onto the eggs? Very easily! With hot water and vinegar. We recommend using a napkin and decorating each egg separately.

Here you can look at our ideas for funny sayings and celebrity faces. We have collected famous quotes from Instagram and Pinterest that will give the party a happy mood!

If you like the idea of ​​eggs with funny eggs, we have also prepared a helpful

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