Do you know that the nails art developed before the birth of Jesus? In the past, nail design not only provided a way to beautify nails, but also to promote women’s social status. In the nail care industry, a development is considered as never before. This increasing trend is due to the fact that the new

Whether you have little experience in this field, you can even paint beautiful Christmas nails at home. We show you great winter nail designs that will make you easy on your nails. Below we show you how to paint one of the fascinating symbols of winter and Christmas on your nails at home. To get a professional nail look, you should know some techniques.

The glitter is one of the inseparable parts of the Christmas nails. It guarantees a wonderful result and brings the Christmas spirit with it. Apart from the glitter, you can also glue rhinestones to your nails. All you need is an adhesive and a pincete to fix the stones.

  • Geometric nail design – shapes

For “Christmas Nail Design” you should paint lines and geometric shapes. Achieve a professional manicure with the help of an adhesive strip. You practice this technique, for example, when you want to paint snowflakes on your nails.

A nail design with Ombré effect you can get easy, all you need is nothing more than a beauty sponge and two nuances of nail polishes. Do not forget to dispose of a nail polish remover because a remainder of the finger will be painted as well.

Stunning Christmas nails to imitate

The first variant of

The focus of the second Christmas nails design are the snowflakes. They fit perfectly with the traditional Christmas theme.


  1. Cover some of your nails with your favorite blue, green or red paint. These are the traditional colors used as a base.
  2. Start with the snowflakes as you paint an X with white nail polish paint on your nails. This is how you achieved a contrast.
  3. Paint a smaller X as shown in the photo.
  4. Finally, paint small lines, as shown in the sample photo, creating a snowflake.

It would be better if you do not decorate all the fingernails with the snowflakes. You can paint other nails in one color.

Brings something bigger Christmas mood than a snowman? Hmm, no, of course! In a few steps you will learn how to decorate your nails with a snowman.


  1. Apply on some of your nails a varnish with glitter powder in blue, red or gray.
  2. Paint small dots in black as eyes and buttons.
  3. Paint a small triangle in orange. That’s the nose.
  4. Finally, paint a red scarf and a hat.

Video Instructions for a more spectacular manicure for Christmas

Choose your Christmas nails design and make it at home! Be with a Profi Like

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