The most important day of your life is in front of you and you want to feel the most beautiful in the world and look glamorous on this special day. The

In love with the look: As in real life, one gets charmed by the look of the shoes. Strive to shine with originality on the wedding day, then choose bridal shoes with a stunning look that will guarantee your effective appearance. If you choose such shoes, you should make sure that the focus will fall on the wedding shoes, so that the wedding dress will be a bit in the shade. If you want to leave an elf-like impression on the way to the altar, then put on such a pair of shoes, which in combination with bridal gown, accessories and bouquet creates a gentle tribute to the femininity.

Engaged with the convenience: Before you say “Yes” to the bridal shoes, you should check their comfort. With the perfect pair of shoes you can dance all night long. In order to avoid a pain-distorted expression in front of the altar, pay attention to the heel height and the shape when buying a bridal shoe. The flat ballerinas and the current hit – lace sneakers are the best option for you if you do not wear high-heels on the streets in everyday life. Otherwise, look for either mid-heel or high-heel shoes that are 2-3 cm thick. The shape of the shoes should match the season and wedding style:

  • in the spring – ballerinas, pumps, bridal sneakers
  • in summer – sandals, open heels, peep toe ballerinas, heeled sandals
  • Fall – Peep Toe Pumps, Lace Sneakers, Peep Toe Boots
  • in winter – boots, ankle boots, loafers, pumps

Married to the adequacy: Last but not least, the trends and wedding styles as important prerequisites for choosing a wedding shoe are not forgotten. The experts are categorical – Ultra Violet, the color of wealth and power, is currently hot and the main theme of the 2018 weddings. Combine purple color with fantasy and create a striking ensemble. Purple bridal shoes can also create bold bold contrast and enhance your stunning look. If you are a traditionalist you should not miss the purple color. It undoubtedly belongs to the classic wedding colors. You can play with the light and dark pastel shades in purple and put small accents on dress and shoes like purple stones that sparkle feminine with every movement. Your feminine silhouette will be given priority.

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, but what do the customs for the bridal shoes say?

Dear brides, the shoes are not only an important part in the wedding outfit, but also express your frugality. After a custom, the bride should save pennies from early childhood, to later pay for the bridal shoes themselves. The more expensive the couple, the more overwhelming would be the saving ability of the future bride. Appreciate the needs, because they bring you back to your roots!

Ballerinas – The face of nobility and comfort

To top it off, we want to underline the crucial role of bridal shoes choosing because

Cinderella is the best proof that the shoes can change your life!

Take your time to search and buy those shoes that will make you feel like a princess on this special day in your life and make you feel like you’re on a cloud. Our team wishes you to experience an unforgettable wedding day and to enjoy every second.

The Groom – If you fit these shoes like a glove, you will be my wife for now and always and after …

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