Babies need so many things, but one thing is 100 percent safe – the diapers. Every day and the day after diapers are an integral part of baby’s everyday life. Therefore, a diaper cake is a very suitable and practical gift for the little offspring, be it for friends or for your own baby. We give you some creative ideas how to make your own diaper cake!

Diaper cake making is practical and fun

Diaper cake making is a great idea if you are looking for the perfect gift for a baby. It’s creative, full of love, practical at the same time and really fun to prepare because of the funny allusions to it. Practically it is because the baby needs the things that are placed on the cake anyway and in this way you combine the useful with the cheerful. All you need for the diaper cake is to take a pair of scissors, a bow and lots of diapers. Of course, depending on your own taste, you can also use other decorative and practical elements. But first and foremost, be concerned that the cake is dedicated to the baby’s gender and brings with it a corresponding message. That’s why it’s best to make them in matching colors. Needless to say, you must also pay attention to the only elements and details on the cake.

Diaper cake instructions and preparation

First of all, the diapers have to be rolled, so of course they have to be carefully folded. These can then be held together with a small volume. Depending on the type and size of diapers you will use different amount of diapers. Then you have to cut a correspondingly large diameter for the diaper cake. For an optimal vertical arrangement, you are welcome to use the center of paper rolls. So put the center point. It is recommended that a nice band is glued to the bottom of the dead. You can attach the paper roll to the center of the pie base with a hot glue gun. Then put the diaper rolls around them. Different floors can be set up. Each single floor is tied with a ribbon. At the loop of one of the floors you could write down the names of the little one. Depending on your own taste could be put on the last floor or a diaper role. It represents the tip of the cake. Ultimately, the distribution of gifts on the cake remains the most fun. They can only be laid on one or more or all floors and then fixed with glue.

Diaper cakes are available in different variants


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