There is something about the favorite chair that makes it more than four legs, two arms, and a pillow. You are sitting in it with a good book, a glass of wine, a good TV show or have a good conversation and are rewarded with years of comfort and style. The best part about home furnishings is that you have complete control over your personality. A designer armchair can be a dominant piece that adds elegance and power. The best new chair design from leading designers and new talents, as well as stories about chair designs.

Elegance and power

Designer armchair inspired by Arne Jacobsen

Swan designer armchair – design inspired by Arne Jacobsen and designed in 1958 for the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen, the Swan armchair is one of the most popular designer pieces by Jacobsen.

Suitable for the modern house

The Swan Armchair was first seen in 1958 when it graced the lobby and lounge areas of the Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen.

Inspired by “free art”


This highly designed designer armchair was the result of Arne Jacobsen’s search for a curved fluid shape (no straight line) that required very little upholstery. It should also be light and comfortable.

Swan armchair

The Swan armchair is available in a range of stunning colors, in cashmere wool as well as aniline leather. The synthetic shell is upholstered, covered in a material of your choice and sits on a star-shaped swivel base made of aluminum. This furniture design classic is ideal for both the modern interior and for the modern office equipment.


The egg chair is, typically Jacobsen, a form that combines organic and comfort. Initially designed in his garage, it is said that Jacobsen was inspired by Eero Saarinen’s “Womb Chair”, from which it gains some moves.

The perfect designer armchair

The egg chair was also designed as a sofa, but very few of them were made. The couch is too big to be covered by two whole skins, which is possible with the egg chair. This leaves a visible seam in the middle of the couch – not very Jacobsen!

Organics and comfort combined

The egg chair looks stunning in any environment and proves to be one of the most popular pieces.

Designed by Danish master Finn Juhl, the Pelican Armchair is a perfect example of how the designer was inspired by “free art”. With its fluid and organic form, which remains modern in its design today, it is hard to believe it was in 1940, when this chair was first introduced.

Form and space

Juhl believed that a chair should be “in form and space”, and achieved this with the Pelican armchair thanks to its almost human form; its curves have been designed to embrace the entire body in luxurious comfort.

Pelican armchair

To create his sculptural form, Juhl took inspiration from artists such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, but blended the art with a high level of comfort that was necessary for commercial success.

Inspiration from Henry Moore

At the time of its design, the Pelikan armchair was ridiculed by Juhl ‘s contemporaries, but soon he became incredibly popular outside of Denmark.

luxurious comfort

The chair has a seat that, when tilted backwards, provides the ultimate in relaxation, while the oversized back and curved arms provide both support and protection for the user. The four chunky wooden legs added to the boldness of the Pelikan armchair also provide sturdiness and support.


The Pelikan armchair was made using traditional techniques, with upholstery, available in a variety of different colors. The thick and rounded legs can be chosen in a number of different wood types, while the chair itself can be chosen either with tufting buttons or without.

Combination of aesthetics and comfort

The perfect chair for every modern living room! There is no denying that Finn Juhl’s Pelican Armchair will make a real statement in every home. It’s a combination of aesthetics and comfort at the same time.

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