“One of the most beautiful paths to us, leads through the garden”, not in vain is chilling out in the open air one of the most beautiful activities in summer, especially if at home a garden is available. Everyone imagines in their own ridges a corner with really large and comfortable lounge furniture. With the garden lounge furniture, the living room moves onto the terrace and into the garden. Some lounge furniture can be handcrafted using weatherproof polyrattan fibers. In addition, water-permeable upholstery and water-repellent textile covers are a sensible decision. The choice is unlimited and goes from loungers and sofa beds to hanging beds and complete Wohnlandschften. Lounge furniture for the garden is offered in a variety of desings and on every taste.

Garden Lounge in your own garden

Very trendy is the creation of a garden terrace – an ideal place for outdoor recreation, to walk barefoot and to enjoy the summer in your own garden. Perfect for family, kids games or visiting friends. For the design of a garden terrace numerous solutions and materials such as wood, concrete, stone, tiles and more are available. Of course, it should fit well in the overall picture of the garden. Furniture and accessories are up to your taste. A lounge is characterized by a floor-level furnishing, ie loungers, seats and tables, which are decorated with large soft cushions and cushions. How they look in detail, is up to your taste, the main thing comfortable. For a special sitting comfort, according to your needs, the unusual seating furniture from www.outdoor-sessel.de is a very practical decision.

Make your own garden lounge from Europalleten

You can buy garden Launge but also build yourself from Europalleten. The pallet furniture is still very modern. No wonder – the pallets are very robust, relatively cheap and can be assembled according to their own ideas. Since they are placed outdoors, they should be impregnated and treated with wood stain. When buying should be paid to the Quallität the Pallete. Of course, who likes them colorful, can color with water-resistant paint or make them look a bit schabby. “The smallest garden is often the most beautiful” when it comes to work, but for the design of the garden lounge you should pay a lot of attention to how big the garden is, how big is the family and how many seats are needed.

Who does not like rattan, polyrattan and pallets, of course, has other options. An alternative is, for example, furniture made of laminated metal frame or made of plastic with matching upholstery and cushions. Also upholstery can be airy or be made of an outdor leather or synthetic leather, also note that they withstand UV radiation and moisture.

Accessories must not be missing

There is nothing better than sitting in the garden at sunset and relaxing. The accessories should not be missing in the garden. In addition to the various garden lights, beautiful lanterns and lanterns lend a fascinating sense of well-being. Deco figurines made of cast stone or decorative fountains also find their place in the garden lounge and ensure a pleasantly nice ambience in your own garden. Garden Lounge Slebstgestaltung always leads to a good result, if done with feeling and to your own taste.

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