To create a cozy atmosphere in our apartment is of course associated with the selection of the right flooring. Anyone who wants a homely atmosphere and wood look for the floor often faces the question: parquet” or laminate imagine that there is a floor covering combines the positive qualities of parquet flooring and laminate. does sound like dreamlike performance with design this not an unattainable dream finally looks good healthy at same time hard-wearing warm to feet easy clean. we will help you get know in order ensure beautiful living>

What is a design floor?

The design floor combines the positive qualities of the popular vinyl floor with the highest requirements for ecology and healthy living. In other words, this flooring is the healthy alternative to vinyl , combined with the highest quality, which outlasts time. The design floor is completely free of PVC and harmful plasticizers, making it perfect for ecologically aware people. Not only the highest demands on a healthy living, but also demands on modern design, corresponds to the flooring. Due to its strong real wood character, the floor gives every room a homely cozy ambience and a personal touch. A wide range of high-quality design flooring is available to choose from – from oak” to the modern vintage wood simple elegance in white. this flooring is not only impressive with a surface but also resilience durability and whole host of advantages.>

The advantages: 10 reasons to choose design floor

What are the advantages that make the choice of the right floorcovering sustainable? Since the floor is a long-term investment, it must be robust, resilient and easy to maintain. All these advantages can be found in the design floor with an extra dose of comfort – living health! As the flooring is 100% free of harmful plasticisers, it is the very first choice for families with children. To convince yourself of the many advantages of the design floor, we have put together the most important features for you:

Advantages at a glance:

  • elastic surfaces that are quiet and gentle on the joints
  • warm underfoot
  • free of harmful plasticisers
  • very high durability and resilience
  • Structured surfaces also suitable for dogs and cats
  • durable
  • easy care
  • high moisture resistance
  • authentic and modern decors
  • suitable for gluing and clicking

Design flooring is hard to beat in terms of design versatility. They are perfect for home as well as for commercial premises and offices. A trendy wood look in the bathroom is easily possible with this flooring. Warm children’s feet when playing on the floor in the nursery are with the design flooring also not unattainable goal.

With its trendy appearance, the design floor can be combined for a wide variety of applications and styles

Not last and of great importance is that the design floor can be laid very easily, especially if this is done by modern click system. A detailed DIY tutorial on how to lay a design flooring yourself can be found in the following video:

Lay design floor – Video instructions

Have you already convinced yourself of the numerous advantages of the design floor? We hope that we have helped you to choose the right flooring and wish you beautiful moments in your cozy apartment! Because home is where you feel at home!

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