Each living space is assigned one or more functions and accordingly it is also set up. Unlike the other living spaces, which are associated with more or less active activities, the bedroom provides the tranquility, sleep, love, dreams that balance the tension and stress of active everyday life.

As soon as you enter the bedroom you switch to a different rhythm – the ease of the time before falling asleep, the sleep, the awakening. Each of these phases is important for human well-being, for health, for the upcoming work ability. Therefore, the bedroom must be set up and designed to be comfortable throughout the time you spend there. Contemporary modern humans are more and more inclined to be influenced by details – consciously or unconsciously, which is why it is so important that the complete perception of furniture, colors, accents in the bedroom and their successful interaction can have a positive effect on well-being.

With this article we want to help you to find your own way to bedroom design. We’ll give you an overview of the key factors that need to be taken into account and some tips to make a dreamy bedroom and enjoy a restful sleep. Whatever style you choose for the bedroom design, our tips and ideas will help you discover your own individual direction.

Bed as the center of the bedroom – Which bed is right for me?

In the bedroom, the dominance of the bed is indisputable – type, functionality, upholstery, mattress, frame – all these features must be considered in the choice. The demands on our bed are getting higher. A restless night, a sore neck – if that sounds familiar, you may not have picked the right bed. The most important thing about a bed remains the mattress – too soft, too hard, that does not have to be. In their test, the experts of Stiftung Warentest came to the conclusion that the hand-made mattresses made of natural materials offer the highest level of lying comfort. That is why we recommend the beds by SCHRAMM . The Schramm bed manufacture takes equal account of different body types – both in the side and in the supine position. With the perfect mattress nothing stands in the way of a restful sleep. Another advantage of the upholstered beds are the beautiful upholstery covers, which are available in many different colors. The choice of colors leaves nothing to be desired and so you can set any color accents in the bedroom, which complement the cozy atmosphere.

In addition to the mattress and the bed frame is of great importance. These include material, shape and color of the bed. When choosing beds, you should pay attention not only to the look, but especially on the functions. Only when the requirements for the two factors have been satisfactorily fulfilled, you have found the right bed for you.

Design bedroom: How big should the bedroom be?

When choosing a bed unfortunately not only personal wishes and criteria apply. Objective factors such as the size of the bedroom are sometimes even more crucial. Finding the right bed for a small bedroom can be a real challenge. Especially if the room is badly cut. For small bedrooms, multifunctional beds are suitable for sleeping as well as reading or other activities. For example, if you like to make yourself comfortable in bed, the upholstered bed is perfect for you. In addition, many bed models are real storage space wonders, from which one can make proper use.

Which is the right color for more harmony and passion in the bedroom?

It is well known that the colors, through their charisma and symbolism, affect our senses and determine our perception, mood and emotions. Therefore, the color scheme of the bedroom is just as important as the choice of the right bed type. Colors have the property of making rooms appear smaller or larger. Cool colors like purple and blue give the rooms more volume and their charisma has a soothing effect. Therefore, these colors establish themselves as the perfect color scheme for the bedroom. The experts suggest that the cool blue be combined with a warm color accent through the decoration or part of the furniture, such as the headboard of the bed. Even with a warm padded bed frame that is quite possible. In no way is white, with its unlimited potential, able to communicate cleanliness, order and openness and to combine with a wide variety of accents and decorations. A white-colored bedroom is like a blank slate on which feelings, associations and dreams can find expression.

Set up room for relaxation

Designing one’s own bedroom is ultimately a reflection of individuality, their idea of ​​well-being. And living should mean well-being. Often this is associated with a particular location and often this is our bedroom.

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