Does a bathtub have to be in the bedroom? Hang pictures on the wall? Should you buy the bed or do it yourself? Hm … you probably have to ask yourself such questions when it comes to the bedroom furniture. Looking for the perfect bedroom design? To reshape the sleeping area or to just make fresh changes? Anyway, you need inspiration, right? There are numerous design ideas that turn the bedroom into a retreat: from matching furniture to striking decoration and beautiful home accessories. Framing a small bedroom? Do not worry! You can make it easy with our great ideas. But whoever thinks about furnishing, thinks first of furniture and then on the wall colors. Yes, it is true that any interior design fails without the right furniture. But to make your bedroom a real oasis of well-being, it requires beautiful wall design. Let yourself be influenced by our wonderful suggestions!

Design a bedroom: flipping through our Ideabook and choosing the best!

But how do you design the bedroom? There are no rules here. The furnishing options vary from classic to rather unusual. One thing is for sure: bedroom furniture should contribute to the optimal sleep experience. Since a beautiful design with appealing wall colors always pays off here. In addition to the right lighting and matching pieces of furniture, you must answer questions about the perfect wall design. So, think about the color of the walls first. Since colors give the whole atmosphere a completely new look, one should never underestimate their impact. Wall colors appear in a wide range of nuances. But which wall paints do you like for your bedroom? Your favorite color is brown? But what is behind it? When it comes to colors, everyone has their own preference. But when it comes to bedroom design, natural colors are most preferred. While some colors and combinations are suitable for all four walls, others serve as accents and highlights. Therefore refrain from red tones, which are not the ideal solution for this room.

Wall design with colors: which fits best?

White always looks very beautiful, and more beautiful when combined with natural colors. If you’re looking for fashion, go for creamy white, which is hot this year. It looks classy and at the same time relaxed. With its charm, this white tone creates an elegant ambience. White wall paints are perfect for small bedrooms. They create an optical illusion and make the sleeping area appear much larger. Your bedroom is too small? Then put on bright colors! Bright and neutral colors work very well with extravagant pieces of furniture.

Luxury in the bedroom? You can do it with just a single color. Black stands for classic elegance in the sleeping area and can be perfectly combined with other colors. Set accents and contrasts at the same time? Black and White – classics among all color combinations. The combination with red, but also with violet is effective. Dark colors that are used properly, are particularly dramatic and now attractive.

Customize bedroom: bring colors into play!

Set accents!

Bedroom should radiate peace and relaxation. Enjoy relaxing nights in the sleeping area by framing the walls in blue. Blue comes in many nuances. It reminds of the sea and the sky. With a wall painting in light blue bring maritime flair to the bedroom. Dark blue and navy blue also set wonderful accents, for example, behind a white bed or wardrobe.

Set up the bedroom for spring? Green walls refresh the room and create a spring-like atmosphere. Green stands for peace and security. Greens vary from fresh grass green to subtle mint green. Wall decoration in green blends perfectly with dark wood furniture. Lime green, on the other hand, conveys a natural elegance and could lend the sleeping area a stylish charm. Another alternative for beautiful wall design is the color taupe. The effective blend of the cool gray and the earthy radiance of brown is as elegant as no other color. Taupe as a wall paint refines the overall appearance and gives it an elegant and charming look. Really mysterious and extravagant but also walls in violet. With its beauty and elegance, this color is perfect for the bedroom walls.

But what color for bedroom walls?

Stylish, natural or rather unusual? Which wall color is right for the bedroom, you decide. Our tip before you turn to colors: Think carefully what mood you want to evoke in the bedroom. Only then bring colors into play! We wish you relaxed moments in the four bedroom walls!

Framing the walls in the bedroom, but how?

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