Painting children’s rooms at first glance looks like a particularly easy task – you just have to choose a color that suits the decor, and maybe your child has certain preferences that you can take into account. But in reality it is not so easy: it has been scientifically proven that colors have a certain influence on our mood and thoughts, so the dominating color of the room can influence the well-being of the child. In this article, we’ll tell you which sounds are best for

In which color you paint the nursery depends first of all on the size of the room. Is the room small or rather spacious? In the first case, you decide best for bright colors, because they make the nursery appear visually wider. Warm tones such as sun yellow and peach color, delicate pastel nuances that are very discreet and soothing, as well as all neutral colors – beige, terracotta, white, chocolate brown, cream color, gray – are a good choice. The neutral tones will reflect the light and make the room brighter, and with a white ceiling, it would look even higher. For larger children’s rooms, they may also use strong color tones – but these should not be more than one or two accent walls, because they can make the children more nervous and even more aggressive. As already mentioned, from a psychological point of view, it is not always the best choice to follow the personal preferences of the child in any case: his favorite color could for example be bright red, but to paint the entire nursery is rather inappropriate; instead, you can put original red accents, which the child will certainly like. More useful tips for the color scheme of the nursery read below!

Nursery paint according to the temperament of the child

If you delete the nursery, it is also a good idea to consider the temperament of the child. As I said before, for overly active children the glaring colors are not recommended, so choose soft pastel shades that will have a relaxing effect and help the child to fall asleep more easily. Pastel shades are also featured in the interior design of the nursery today: a good choice for girls are delicate pastel pink and purple, and for boys – the pastel shades of green and blues. But if you have a calm and reserved child, you can resort to the stronger colors – sun yellow and light orange will not only create a cozy ambience, but also make the child happier. The intense colors also promote the concentration, but you should not overdo it and use it sparingly in the interior. The cooler colors, such as lilac and turquoise, will refresh the space and enhance the warm nuances. Especially chic in the nursery look different patterns that you can design with color – color drops and geometric motifs, such as great stripes in bold colors, can create a truly stylish ambience! On the walls you can even paint (or hire a professional to do the job), and use the pictures to promote the child’s imagination. 3D effects and

Warm colors create a cozy atmosphere and promote creativity

Pastel shades are modern, soothing and helping the child to fall asleep more easily

Delete children’s room – modern ideas and suggestions

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