Each of us has unforgettable moments and great memories. Would not you be happy if you can see them every day? All your moments can only collect a photo collage. And if you use this photo collection as decoration, you will see your friends and relatives who are in the photos every day. The photos are part of your heart, so it would be best if you do your photo collage yourself. With our 11 unique ideas you will impress your guests and give your home a personal touch!

Make photo collage yourself to show charming wall design

Of course, to make your four walls into a dream apartment, you need wall decoration. Why do you have to buy wallpaper if you can do your own photo collage yourself. Plus, every time you look at it, you will smile. It’s easy to just have your

The children’s room decorate all parents with love and a lot of desire. Whether on the desk or over the bed, a photo collage will bring a charming look to the room. Be original! Stick your child’s photos on the letter of your child. If you have a girl, it would be very sweet if you decorate the letters accordingly with red hearts. If you have more space in the nursery, you can also write the whole name with letters from photo collage.

Prefer traditional: Make a photo collage in the picture frame

Are you a person who prefers traditional and would like to see photo collage in the picture frame? Then make your own picture frame according to your wishes. Dye an old picture frame in bright colors and just stick the pictures in it. You can also use small hooks to hang the photos. If you like vintage style, print the photos black and white. For a minimalist apartment, the gray-black color is very appropriate.

Every piece of furniture in your home can bring that special moment to mind

Photo collage can not be just a wall decoration. How do you feel when you see your family and friends with every sip of coffee? Or if you can see your fiancé every night when you turn off the lamp? This is possible with a photo collage! Our best idea is that you make a coffee table with photo collage yourself. This is reminiscent of funny times and brings back good memories. And it gets very funny when your guests look at each of the pictures and try to find each other.

Let your imagination run wild or be inspired by our ideas!

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