The Christmas decoration brings festive mood into the house and is a fun and angehenme activity, where the whole family can pray. In this post you will find 45 effective deco ideas for Christmas, which you can imitate easily. Festively decorate your house from inside and outside and create a unique Christmas atmosphere for your family!

Decorating ideas for Christmas: festively decorate the front door

Many people attach more importance to the interior Christmas decoration, but the external is also important. It can add a lot of beauty and elegance to your home and warmly welcomes your guests, neighbors and casual passers-by. That’s why we start with spectacular Christmas decorating ideas for the outdoors. To create a festive atmosphere in the house, decorate your front door with one or more wreaths! The

Christmas decoration ideas: fairy lights for indoor and outdoor use

The outdoor area can be imaginatively decorated with fairy lights. They look very attractive, last a long time and are relatively cheap, so you do not have to have a big budget to make that idea happen. It would be very original to decorate your front garden with fairy lights – you should only wrap the chains around the larger trees! In the same way, the house facade or even the door wreath can be decorated so that it looks even more beautiful. For example, the Christmas decorations in the garden can be complemented by old lamps made of glass or paper, which you can place on your terrace. Another creative idea that is easy to imitate is placing the fairy lights in jam jars or old wine bottles and arranging them in the garden. But the fairy lights find a wide application also inside! Not only can you reach for decorating the Christmas tree, but you can also use it for example as accent lighting on the table. Other fascinating Christmas decorating ideas will surely come to mind – just let your imagination run wild!

Decorate the windowsill imaginatively

When it comes to the interior, the decoration ideas for Christmas are even more diverse. Traditionally, you decorate the Christmas tree, but there are also many other elements of the interior that can be festively decorated – for example, the windowsill. You can do this by, for example, laying a beautiful garland along the window sill and then fixing it with adhesive tape. Green pine branches, fairy lights, pine cones, bells and other Christmas decorations can also be used for the same purpose. And to make the branches look even more attractive, you can sprinkle them with artificial snow. You should just shake the spray well well and spray at least a distance of 20 centimeters. As window sill deco you can also use different spring or winter flowers – for example, the Christmas cactus. Another interesting idea is to make paper snowflakes yourself and glue them to the window. Fold the paper several times and cut different shapes along the edges. The result will be unique!

Make original garlands for the mantelpiece yourself

You can give the finishing touch to your Christmas decoration by festively decorating the fireplace! On the mantel can be arranged everything – pine cones, bells, glass vases with Christmas tree balls, candle holders … Choose such decorative elements that combine well with each other and create a nice atmosphere. If you want to achieve a happy look, play with the shapes and colors. But if you have a more elagant effect, it’s best to choose only two nuances. The mantelpiece is traditionally decorated with garlands. These can be easily crafted at home and for this purpose you can use all kinds of materials – felt, paper, fir branches and of course Nicholas boots.

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