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How can you decorate the Christmas tree so that it looks really attractive and impressive? In this post we tell you the secret of the successful Christmas tree decoration! We also point out the mistakes many people make when decorating. Let’s start with the size of the ornaments. Often one chooses for a large Christmas tree too small ornaments, which remain almost unnoticeable. To avoid this effect, choose deco that matches the size of your fir tree. The task is very easy if you use an artificial Christmas tree every year, but in a natural fir the rule is – first select the tree and then the oramente. Often one decides also for oversized hangers, which look quite impressive. But if the Christmas tree is rather small, you should not overdo it – just put 5-6 original accents.

Decorate Christmas tree – the colors play an important role

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The next important moment to watch out for is the color scheme. Recently it has become more and more modern to select one or two specific colors when decorating the Christmas tree and to stick to them – eg red, silver, golden, blue, etc. The result looks very stylish – just look at our photos to convince yourself! Ideally, the tree decoration should also harmonize with the decor of the room – so you get a really cozy and inviting atmosphere for Christmas. Another trend that has prevailed in recent years is the “monochrome” Christmas tree. It is about an artificial fir tree in a certain color, decorated with pendants in the same colors, which actually looks super stylish. For example, you could opt for a white art tree and deco in white and silver – but it can also be any other color combination that you like.

Decorate Christmas tree – find the “golden mean” when decorating

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Another rule that you should consider when decorating the Christmas tree, is not to be exaggerated with the decoration. With too many Christmas balls, garlands and other ornaments, the tree looks untidy and the individual decorations can not stand out well. Much better would be to opt for less, but stylish trailer, which will also provide a clear lines. Another great idea is to repeat certain accents. Buy 5-6-10 equal ornaments that are large and eye-catching to decorate the tree – so you can easily create an original main theme. When decorating, start with the baubles and other ornaments, then decorate the tree with the garlands, making sure that no decorations remain invisible, and at the end add a string of lights. The white, yellow or colorful lights will give your Christmas tree a radiant look, and for the shine to be even stronger, you could drape the fairy lights a bit.

Decorating Christmas tree – including nature elements

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Very original looks a Christmas tree, decorated with natural materials. This idea is eco-friendly and inexpensive, and making crafts can be quite fun. For example, you could use pine cones, dry leaves, acorns, chestnuts, green fir and berry branches, and other materials that you collected in the fall. Let your kids participate in crafting and decorating – so the fun will be twice as big! The gaps between the individual decorations can be filled with little lights and why not with fresh flowers. Because the right amount of decoration plays a very important role – your tree should neither look too bald nor too cheesy.

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