Delicious appetizers are a must for special occasions such as parties and feast days, so in this post we’ll show you how to decorate and originalize a cheese platter! Cheese plates are actually among the most popular Decorate and serve cheese platter – important rules
Käseplatte dekorieren Paprika Gewürzgurken
Käseplatte dekorieren Oliven Crackers Knäckebrot
Käseplatte dekorieren Feigen Marmelade Tomatenpaste
Käseplatte dekorieren frische Früchte
Käseplatte dekorieren selbst gebackenes Brot Marmelade
Käseplatte dekorieren Salami Nüsse
Käseplatte dekorieren frische Gurken Erdbeeren
Käseplatte dekorieren ross frische Früchte
Käseplatte dekorieren Weintrauben
If you arrange a cheese plate yourself, you should follow a few simple rules. First, calculate the correct amount of cheese depending on the number of people you have invited as guests. If you serve the platter as an appetizer, 170-180g cheese per person is quite sufficient. But if it is meant as a main course (eg as a finger food at a party), the crowd can be a bit more. Then comes the number of cheeses – for a festive plate are actually 5 to 9 different varieties just ideal. Arrange them according to the “cheese clock method”, where the arrangement goes from mild to spicy. For this purpose, you should of course know the characteristics of each type of cheese in advance – information about it can be found super easy on the net, of course. The arrangement corresponds to the order in which the cheese should be eaten. And to make the cheese soft and aromatic, it should be taken out of the refrigerator at least half an hour before serving. And how you decorate the cheeseboard and serve it impressively on the table, you can find out below!

Decorating cheese platter – tasty ideas for side dishes

Käseplatte dekorieren Apfel Pekannüsse
Käseplatte dekorieren Orange Radieschen origineller Look
Käseplatte dekorieren Salamirollen Knäckebrot
Käseplatte dekorieren Fleischspezialitäten Knäckebrot
Käseplatte dekorieren Beilage Trauben Erdbeeren
Käseplatte dekorieren und servieren Früchte Gemüse
Käseplatte dekorieren Weintrauben Zitrone Walnüsse
Käseplatte dekorieren gross Weintrauben
Käseplatte dekorieren Wasssermelone Erdbeeren Kiwi
Käseplatte dekorieren Kiwi Trauben herrlicher Look
Käseplatte dekorieren Nüsse Oliven Trauben
Käseplatte dekorieren Brotspezialitäten Oliven Himbeeren
Käseplatte dekorieren und stilvoll anrichten Tipps
Cheese plate Decorating is not difficult at all – just follow our tips! A great idea in this regard are the herb branches, which look quite fresh and spicy, such as rosemary or mint. Nuts are also perfect as a side dish to the cheese – peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts or almonds are not only delicious, they will also give the cheeseboard a much more attractive look. The same applies to the various meat specialties that you can also serve on the plate to taste – ham, salami or small sausages can be a tasty combination with the different cheeses, with which you impress your guests in any case! Small ramekins with olives or herb cream cheese are also a great idea for your cheese platter. Do not forget the bread specialties such as bruschetta, crackers and crostini – these can be covered with delicious cheese and meat pieces and enjoy! And last but not least, a really original proposal – there are certain types of cheese that combine perfectly with sweets like dark chocolate and fresh and dried fruits. Therefore, the cheese plate can also be served as a dessert – in this case, you should calculate about 80g of cheese per person.

Decorate and arrange cheese platter – original serving suggestions

Käseplatte dekorieren Himbeeren Nüsse Knäckebrot
Käseplatte dekorieren Mozzarella Nüsse Feigen
Käseplatte dekorieren Traube Feigen Walnüsse
Käseplatte dekorieren italienischer Art
Käseplatte dekorieren Fleischspezialitäten
Käseplatte dekorieren Zitrus-Früchte Oliven
Käseplatte dekorieren Knäckebrot Weintrauben Salami
Käseplatte dekorieren Weintrauben Topping
Käseplatte dekorieren Käsedips Guacamole
Käseplatte dekorieren Honig und Walnüsse
Käseplatte dekorieren Feigen Honig
Käseplatte dekorieren Knäckebrot Radieschen
To stylishly serve the cheeseboard, opt for white tablecloths and put a few small boxes under them – this will give you different heights that will give you the opportunity to make the cheese mound quite original. An interesting suggestion arises from the fact that the types of cheese differ in their texture from each other. Choose soft and hard cheeses, as well as those made from different types of milk (cow, sheep, goat’s milk) – your guests will definitely appreciate the variety! You could also put together cheeses from different countries – Germany, Italy, France, England – just let your creativity run wild! Salad leaves and other side dishes, such as radishes, grapes, dried plums, walnut halves or roasted pumpkin seeds will definitely make the plate much tastier and more attractive. Get inspiration for original serving suggestions from our photos!

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