Tattoos are characterized by a high symbolic power and have a special meaning for the people who wear them. A design that is gaining in popularity as well as women’s as well as men’s is the Dandelion Tattoo. The numerous symbolic meanings make this tattoo so special.

Different people associate the dandelion tattoo with different meanings

The dandelion is considered by some farmers as weeds, yet it is edible and brings great benefits. As a plant, it is resistant and easily reproduces in different climatic conditions. The dandelion is a form of the ripe dandelion plant. Most people choose the dandelion as a tattoo for personal reasons – some may remember their home and childhood, others just think it’s pretty.

The women more often choose the dandelion as a tattoo

Because of their gentle nature, some people use the dandelion to remind others that they are very sensitive and that others must protect them. In this respect, it represents a symbol of harmlessness.
This tattoo can be designed with a few or many details and thus be tattooed almost everywhere on the body. But where does this motive best come into its own?

A dandelion tattoo on the rib is a good idea

In fact, the dandelion does not impress with its color, but with its shape, which has a unique geometry and symbolizes the inner beauty. It shows that life is tough as well as tender, and we alone have only one chance to make the most of it.

Tattoos on the neck are sexy

The dandelion and a few words as a quote would be a good idea, as if the words were blown away by the wind. This design is fascinating and quite impressive.

Dandelion as a wrist tattoo

A large dandelion is drawn, surrounded by small seeds that fly away from it. The meaning of this tattoo depends on the person from whom it is worn. It could mean hope or just remind someone of their childhood dreams.

Why not on the shoulder a bird that stands out from a dandelion?

This is another impressive kind of dandelion tattoo. It depicts a dandelion drawing on one shoulder. On top of the dandelion wings are drawn, which move away from it and in this line fly on some birds. In fact, this design is very popular and suggests, as if the dandelion seeds had turned into birds; our dreams could become reality too.

However, before deciding on a dandelion tattoo, try understanding its meaning so that you can identify with it if it fits. It’s great to have a tattoo, but it’s even more valuable if this tattoo inspires you to be better or do even bigger things.

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