Custom-made wardrobe is the best solution for sloping walls, corners and sloping ceilings. Made to measure almost everything can be made. Noteborn is known worldwide in the field of tailor made work – custom cabinets – custom cabinets – wardrobes – custom cabinets – fitted wardrobes – dressers – walk-in closets – storage cabinets – custom sliding doors – double doors. They offer a comprehensive collection for all living, sleeping, decoration, organization, storage and other professional needs.

Collection Curve

The rounded corners define the image of Curve. Thanks to the extraordinary construction, the painted glass seems to float on the bare aluminum profile. The profile is completely smooth and has no bumps, so as not to affect the soft radiance of the glass. Noteborn will soon be presenting an exclusive version in which the aluminum profile in Italy was anodised and polished to perfection.

Pure Collection

Pure and stunning in design: this is the foundation for a new Pure program. Due to the simple and minimalist aluminum lines, the doors get their own characteristic feature. Again, you now have many opportunities to play with the collection and unique decors.

Custom made wardrobe – Couture Collection

Couture does not distinguish between living and working, between hiding and presenting. This is a system stripped to its purest essence. The frame is only 5 millimeters. Do you still think that would be too much? Then we can create the couture without frames. This is really unique! Above all, because your design options for cabinets made to measure remain unlimited. This means that you can decorate the interior and exterior of the doors with different designs. For example, the outside in mirror glass and the inside maybe in the white glass! Couture also comes with a typical Noteborn innovation: a 100% adjustable ceiling track. Couture adapts to your character.

Collection sedimenti

Sedimenti is an invitation to explore new spatial possibilities. These layers can be applied both vertically and horizontally, between the doors or on a single door. Combine wood surfaces with low-lying glass and the result will surprise you. Sedimenti transforms a traditional wall unit into a multi-dimensional experience.

Match-Country collection

Although Noteborn fits seamlessly into any modern interior, many people prefer a warmth and atmosphere in the home. They want the functionality and comfort of Noteborn storage, but they also want character. To meet these requirements, we have developed a new sliding door in the Match series: the Match Country.

Collection Split

Noteborn Individuals is also there for the most demanding interior design lovers. Take Split, for example, for the program that allows sliding doors of different widths. A door can be up to three meters wide and almost three meters high. This makes for a wonderful game with surfaces and lines of almost 9.2 meters! The choice of a smaller size creates particularly clean horizontal lines. That means maximum comfort with the look and feel of a larger wardrobe.

Collection Viceversa 35

Viceversa is the most personal program of Noteborn. It gives you the freedom to create exactly the place you have in mind. Various types are available: Viceversa 35, Viceversa 55 and Viceversa 55 wood-clad. The number indicates the thickness of the profile in millimeters. Each area can be combined with different handles.

Custom made wardrobe – Collection Matrix

Matrix is ​​a fixture in the Noteborn collection. This cabinet has a bronze or aluminum frame. The doors are available in a wide range of finishes, from painted glass to bamboo. We can customize the wardrobe to your liking, so it fits seamlessly into the available space .Matrix is ​​the ideal solution for dormer ceilings and other challenging home situations.

Collection art graphic

This is a collection of about seven selected graphics in ten different colors.

Swing collection

Sliding doors have become a popular solution in many bedrooms because they are very efficient.
Swing doors can be made with or without handles. A light knock on the door and it opens automatically: doors without handles are equipped with tip-on mechanism.

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