Looking for an original Cruella De Vil costume for carnival – a great choice for the ladies
Cruella De Vil Kostüm zu Fasching
Cruella De Vil Kostüm selber machen
Cruella De Vil Kostüm eindrucksvoll Perücke
Cruella De Vil Kostüm weisser Mantel rote Handschuhe
Cruella De Vil Kostüm die Darstellung von Glenn Close
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Perücke schwarzes Kleid
Cruella De Vil Kostüm originelles Kleid Zigarettenhalter
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Fasching Kind
Cruella De Vil Kostüm für Kinder
Cruella De Vil Kostüm stilvoll und sehr originell

Cruella De Vil is evil, but one thing is for sure – the Disney heroine has style. If you’ve seen the animated cartoon or Glenn Close’s picture from 1996, you know it. The Cruella De Vil costume has specific features that you should stick to so that your disguise is recognizable at the carnival party. The Disney heroine wears a very chic dress, which consists of an elegant dress, a soft coat, elegant long gloves and high heels. She also wears a retro cigarette holder and has an eccentric black and white hairstyle. In addition, Cruella de Vil has very pale skin, which is easily achievable with the right make-up. Actually, such a carnival costume gives you the opportunity to dress up pretty without taking on the evil side of Cruella. And how can you make the costume yourself, learn below.

Cruella De Vil Costume: What are the typical characteristics of the famous Disney heroine?

Cruella De Vil Kostüm passende Accessoires finden
Cruella De Vil Kostüm ausgefallen Perücke
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Make up und Frisur
Cruella De Vil Kostüm elegant Retro-Zigarettenhalter
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Perücke Schal schwarzes Kleid
Cruella De Vil Kostüm super elegantes Kleid und lange Handschuhe
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Kind Puppe origineller Look
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Iggy Azaleia
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Mantel ausgefallen Perücke
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Cardi B
Cruella De Vil Kostüm DIY Anleitung und Tipps
Cruella De Vil Kostüm der typische weisse Mantel
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Elemente
The eccentric look of Cruella De Vil is easy to imitate – just look in your own wardrobe! Characteristic of the heroine is the elegant, floor-length black dress, which you can also replace with a black skirt and top. Or just put on the little black dress every woman has in her wardrobe. Cruella wears a white fur coat over it. If you do not own such a garment, you can look for it in the thrift store or ask friends or relatives. A great alternative to the coat are the scarves or ponchos – best of faux fur, which you can wear over your shoulders as a cape. The accessories also need to be matched with the clothes – the Disney heroine wears red, elegant-looking pointed shoes (whether you choose high or low), as well as long retro gloves in red that reach to the elbows. If you can not find the right gloves, opt for ordinary “short” gloves in red (preferably silk) that are hidden under the coat. And last but not least, you need a retro cigarette holder that was particularly popular in the 1920s. This can easily be crafted from a wide drinking straw or wooden stick.

Cruella De Vil Costume – Tips for make-up and hairstyle

Cruella De Vil Kostüm Make up eindrucksvoll
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Schminktipps
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Frisur DIY
Cruella De Vil Kostüm lustige Perücke aus Garn
Cruella De Vil Kostüm stilvoll Retro-Zigarettenhalter
Cruella De Vil Kostüm Make up selber machen
The complete Cruella De Vil costume also includes the matching hairstyle and make-up. For the typical black and white hairstyle, you can either opt for a wig, or dye your own hair – it’s easy with a white hair spray (or a black – for blond hair). Before spraying your hair, make a center parting to separate the two parts of the hair, and rub a little in the heel. And when it comes to make-up, make-up your face pale – either with make-up, or with a foundation lighter than your natural skin color, and put a strong red lipstick on your lips. For the eyes use kohl, eyeliner and mascara. A good choice is the dark green eyeshadow – take a look at our photos to see for yourself. To complete your look, highlight the cheekbones with some powder, as well as the eyebrows with a black pencil to create a “nasty look”.


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