The cross is one of the classic

The cross is actually an ancient symbol that played an important role in human life long before Christianity. It consists of two lines – the horizontal stands for the earth, and vertical – for the sky. So the cross originally symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth, the divine and the human, or between male and female. This meaning, however, refers only to the classical, Latin cross. There are also other types of crosses – the Celtic cross, for example, surrounded by a circle, stands for eternity, and also for the four elements – water, fire, air and earth. The Egyptian cross (Ankh), which has a curve instead of a top, symbolizes life and rebirth, and the inverted cross is associated with the reversal of Christian values ​​and occultism. The square cross with pointed corners, which was originally a Prussian war mark, is still considered a military symbol.

Get a cross tattoo – modern ideas

The cross tattoos are particularly varied and are suitable for various parts of the body. Whether a small, subtle tattoo on the hand or foot joint, or rather a large and eye-catching on the back or shoulder – the choice is yours! The cross tattoo can also be combined with other motifs – for example flowers, hearts, an inscription or a circle – in this case it stands for perfection. The photos in this post can also give you more creative design ideas. The cross tattoo is also preferred by the stars – an excellent example of this are David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Rihanna.

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