Do you like this retro chic in the apartment with home-made deco and charming Christmas tree decorations? What do you say to crochet for Christmas – warm decorations that you yourself have made with love – dreamlike! You can not crochet? No worries! Take a look at our helpful guide and charm your home with handmade jewelry!

What should you know about crocheting for Christmas?

Crochet for Christmas brings a cheerful and a little nostalgic mood and brings a warm touch to your home. You can make beautiful pieces as a gift or make a unique Christmas tree decorations. We have prepared a variety of patterns for you in our stunning picture gallery. The colors that are suitable for Christmas are, of course, white, green and red. But if your apartment is inspired by Mediterranean flair, or furnished in a country house style, the pop or pastel colors are perfect. You create unique pieces of wool, such as table decorations, tealight holders, gift packs and why not a Santa hat for a better mood? Let your imagination run wild, but first learn how to crochet decorations in our guide!

Crochet for Christmas: Instructions for Christmas tree decorations Star

All you need is:

150 g white wool (170m / 50g)

Crochet hook No. 2,5

nylon thread

• a bottle of textile amplifier

1 branch

1 thick and 1 thin bristle brush

and our guide 🙂

  The snowflakes must be crocheted very tightly

Step 1

step 2

step 2

step 3

step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

The pictures will help you best, but we will give you a detailed guide! The   Crochet snowflakes 1 – 6 each 5 times or choose the number as you wish. Hit 6 air stitches and close with a slit stitch to the round. After appropriate crochet writing continue in rounds. Each round starts with initial meshes as drawn and ends with a chain stitch. Then finish your snowflakes.   Brush with the thinner brush and textile enhancer from the left and let it dry. Thread through a flock tip and knot. Finished! To help you understand, we have prepared a video for you. Have fun!

And a present from us – Instructions for Christmas Tree Baubles

According to our instructions, you have certainly become professionals when hacking. A Christmas tree ball is even easier to do yourself. But what do we do with Krönchen to attach. Yes, we can certainly sew finished metal hangers. But do you know that you can create original gold crowns? See how!

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Here you crochet in spiral loops with fixed stitches from top to bottom, as shown in the picture sit. Hit a string of 6 stitches. Then double every stitch, then every 2 stitches and then every 6 stitches to make 21 stitches. At the end, the chain stitch follows. Cut off the thread. Pull a loop long. These sew on the ball to hang around. Now you can be proud of yourself!

Do you need more inspiration and ideas? Scroll down to get even more ideas!

The pattern for the bauble has many uses 🙂

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