Every mom knows that the best toy is a kids kitchen. And not just for the little princesses, but for boys too. There are a variety of luxurious children’s kitchens on the market, but everyone knows they are too expensive. But why, when there are so many different ways to make a children’s kitchen yourself – made of wood or plastic. Today we give you a creative idea how to make it out of cardboard – very easy and cheap! And that can also be a very interesting activity that you can do together with your child. Have fun with our free guide!

Build your own children’s kitchen: Instructions

Of course, the first thing you need is a big box

Step 2: Dye

Step 3: The hotplates

Just take a big box and glue it up and down with colorful paper. You can either glue the other side again or color it with spray. Then cut out round black circles (4 pieces) and stick them on as cooking plates.

Step 4: The buttons

To make our children’s kitchen real, we naturally need buttons for the hotplates. Just cut them from another box of different color and stick them under the hotplates. But you have to fix the small circles so you can turn. If you want to make your buttons even more real, there is another variant. Make 4 holes and take 4 tealights. Remove the wick and make a small hole at the tealight with a nail. Attach these from the inside. Write numbers on the buttons and you’re done!

Step 5: The sink

Step 6: Use an old sink or large metal bowl

Every kitchen needs a cloth

And every child needs a hiding place … this also serves as a decoration 🙂

For the pan you use a normal plastic salad bowl

Another free tutorial: This colorful children’s kitchen is even easier to tinker

Take another box, like this:

Then glue the surfaces first with magazines, then with colored paper

You can decorate and beautify your children’s kitchen to your liking – stick on it with colorful paper or paint. We recommend taking this step with your child, so that you have many interesting moments together and make the children’s kitchen, as in his dreams. Get creative ideas from our fascinating picture gallery and let your imagination run free.

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