The home reflects the personal belongings of the residents. With the appearance of different life events also changes our style of living. The home design is a clear illustration of our preferences and needs. So we are always in the various stages of life in search of their own style. From minimalist and modern to vintage and shabby, the possibilities for home decor are limitless and to choose according to your own taste. After all, “where your heart feels at home is your home” – home decor should come from the heart.

Setting accents is very important in the design of your home, because it also creates contrast and hassle. Colors affect the mood and effect of rooms the fastest. Everyone feels differently and to feel comfortable, each person needs different accents. Certain effects on the overall appearance of the apartment can be achieved with wall or floor paints, textiles, furniture or decoration.

Color accents – the classic in home decor

At least we try to avoid painting or are not sure if the color we have chosen works well with the other manure. White walls are very austere, while creamy shades add a touch of class to the walls. The walls are mostly used on subtle beige or grayish tones. According to the rule, Frabe makes small and dark spaces appear narrower. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the spatial lighting conditions. The lighting is just as important as the wall” design> . Ceiling lights, spotlights and floor lamps are important elements when furnishing a room. The light sources serve not only for pure lighting” in the room but also for highlighting and decorative elements. a beautiful painting on wall comes out different way when few rays of light shine it.>

The mixture of old and new – harmonic opposition

Everyone has at home old objects of santimental value, from which he can not and does not want to part. Old things tell a story and have their own place in the most modern apartment. That’s why the mix of old and new is so popular. Old rocking chair, wooden table or cabinet can create a great nostalgic accent in the apartment . Many old things have both a romantic and a modern side. Sometimes they can bring to life with a little tuition and become a real eye-catcher.

Stylish breaks for a playful ambience

Individuality is an important factor in the design of your home. If a style is consistently adhered to when set up, it can be boring in the long term. A style break always brings some dynamism and relaxes the space. Strong contrasts also have greater impact. If you love challenges, you can also use unusual things to set really cool accents.

Room dividers and shelves for visual lightness

Room dividers or tiered shelves are a trend and a simple solution for spatial separation and more comfort. When combining many different pieces of furniture, the rooms seem chaotic. If you do not have that much space and need a lot of storage space, a divider shelf is always a good choice. Various designs, resistant materials and a combination of colors and shapes make some furnishing wishes come true. Shelves are discreet in smaller rooms and provide structure and comfort in large rooms. Tiered shelves are ideal for everything that should be reached quickly and always be visible. On mycs you will find extensive possibilities for creative self-design according to your own taste and according to all the rules of art. Decorative elements, neatly sorted book collections, CD’s or souvenirs from different countries find their place there. Also special parts with emotional value for us are an expression of our personality and deserve their place on our shelf. If the shelves are offered as a modular system and can be changed quickly, anyone can create their own shelf from different elements.

Big room – many possibilities

Patterns and shapes – the perfect combination

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