Reaching the age of majority is an important occasion to celebrate and most young people expect this day with impatience. That’s why in this article, we’re going to introduce you to some of the most creative 18-year-old gifts you can use to surprise your son, daughter, boyfriend or relative for a birthday. Our gift ideas are for boys and girls and vary from funny to cool and impressive to really profound. Get inspiration from it! We hope you enjoy reading!

Creative gifts for 18 – ideas and suggestions

Geburtstagsparty zum 18
Geschenkideen 18. Geburtstag Party
18. Geburtstag feiern kreative Geschenke
The 18th birthday should be unforgettable – from this day on, the adolescent is no longer a child and indecision can begin! For this reason, the best surprise is the souvenir and money gifts, travel vouchers and things related to the age of majority. Here, as we have already mentioned, we give you a few ideas for creative gifts for the 18 that can help you. Or let your imagination run wild and make the gift personal – homemade gifts are also a very good idea. We hope you like our suggestions below!

Money present for the 18th birthday

Geldgeschenk zur Abitur originell
Geldgeschenk 18. Geburtstrag
Geldgeschenk originell tolle Ideen
Geld kreativ schenken Torte
Origami falten aus Geldscheinen
kreative Geschenke zum 18 Geldgeschenk

The Creative gifts for 18 for boys – stylish schnapps board

kreative Geschenke zum 18 Schnapsbrett
Geburtstagsparty 18 Shots
The benefits of coming of age are many: you can go out as long as you like, drive a car and drink alcohol. In this regard, a suitable gift – especially for the boys, a schnapps board. So you will definitely have fun at the party!

Order a limousine for the birthday girl

kreative Geschenke zum 18 Limousinefahrt
Limousinefahrt 18. Geburtstag
The 18th birthday party will take place in a restaurant or disco? Then we have the perfect idea for you! Order a limousine for the birthday boy and his friends to drive to the pub. It would certainly be an unforgettable experience and at the end of the evening, the teenagers do not need a driver to get back home – the limousine will be waiting for them!

Souvenir gifts that carry a personal meaning

Geschenkideen 18. Geburtstag Halsketten
Geschenk Junge Kamm
Geschenk Flasche Mädchen personalisiert
Geschenk Lieblingslied Musikwellen Frequenz
Armbänder schenken 18. Geburtstag
Geschenk Geburtstag Armbänder graviert
Geschenkideen silber Armband
kreative Geschenke zum 18 Halsketten
Geschenk Mädchen Holzbox
personalisierte Handyhülle schenken
The souvenir gifts, which carry a symbolic meaning, are also a very creative idea for this important occasion. Such a gift is personal, remains for life and you can make the gifted a great pleasure. For example, bracelets, necklaces, or other jewelery engraved with a special embassy or pocket mirror with original prints are a good idea in this regard. Such a gift will greatly please the girls. Another variant is a personalized photo calendar. This can be done today in almost every photo studio. You only need 12 beautiful photos – the shared childhood memories (for the parents) or those that symbolize the different sections of your friendship.

Creative Gifts for 18 – Open Me When Breife frame

Geschenkidee Öffne mich wenn Briefe
kreative Geschenke zum 18 Öffne mich wenn Briefe
Öffne mich wenn Briefe selbst gestalten
Öffne mich wenn Briefe Anleitung
Öffne mich wenn Briefe zum 18. Geburtstag
A particularly creative gift for the 18th Birthday are the homemade “open me when letters”. How to design this yourself and what content each letter should have is explained

18 small gifts for the 18th birthday

kreative Geschenke zum 18 USB Schlüsselanhänger
kreative Geschenke zum 18 Taschenspiegel
kreative Geschenke zum 18 Set mit Naturkosmetik
kreative Geschenke zum 18 Seifen
kreative Geschenke zum 18 Ringe
Reisegutschein selber basteln
Notizbuch tolles Design
Geschenke Volljährigkeit Kosmetik Mädchen
Handyhülle mit toller Botschaft Geschenk
Geschenk Ledertasche Gitarre Plektren
originelle Handyhülle aus Leder
Other great gifts for teens to surprise your 18th birthday child or friend are natural cosmetics sets, personalized leather phone cases, awesome notebooks, collage of shared photos, and more. 18 small gifts in a large, magnificently decorated gift box not a bad idea either. For more suggestions, look at the photos, or follow the link .


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