When it comes to jewelry, he must be creative and unique. Of course, we have so far shown a wide range of interesting jewelry ornaments – Nespresso chasps, Fimo jewelery, various wristband pleats, etc. But if you are a fan of silver, we have the best choice for you – silver cutlery. With a little effort and great desire, you will have all eyes on your jewelry. From all the cutlery you can get many rings, pendants and bracelets, but most of all you can do it with a fork. Choose old cutlery to make your jewelry look vintage. Just follow our easy guide and let your imagination run wild!

A unique bracelet: instructions for jewelery made of silver cutlery

The most important thing you need is the pliers

Step 1: Start bending

step 2

step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7: Take the drill

A heart instead of a hole looks so romantic

As we said above, you get the most beautiful jewelry out of a fork. That’s because of the twisted prongs. For these you do not need so much muscle power, but when bending the entire spoon yet. Be careful so you do not get scratched. Interesting it is, but silver cutlery is easier to bend than stainless steel. Drilling on silver cutlery is not obligatory. In our case, we used the drill to make a nice heart as an ornament of the bracelet. But of course you missed that, if you do not use a drill. You can also drill if you want to thread your silver bracelet with a leather strap through two holes. But you can also make a curved bracelet – it looks beautiful too! Discover our second free tutorial below and get a variety of ideas from our stunning examples. Have fun crafting!

Silver cutlery: instructions for a creative ring

Step 1: The cutting

Step 2: Bending

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