Everyone has their own idea of ​​what the perfect nursery design looks like. The nursery is the place where the child stays most often. In addition to the spatial conditions of the room should be taken into account in the nursery figures also the special preferences of the child. The children feel particularly well when their children’s room always reflects their ideas and so inviting and comfortable.

Nursery Designs – Ideas and Tips

In the nursery design, the imagination knows no bounds. The functionality and the convenience must never be neglected. We will tell you how all these demands are combined, how the decisive idea for nursery design comes about and what you should consider to transform the nursery into a dream nursery.

How do I design the perfect nursery?

With maturing age, the needs of children also change. Therefore, a distinction should also be made between baby, child and youth rooms.

The best inspiration for nursery design comes mostly from the children themselves. If the child gets the opportunity to contribute to designing the nursery, it can identify with it all the more. For example, you can include small children’s artwork – children’s prints on the wall or children’s drawings on curtains.

More order in the nursery

Storage space is an important aspect, so that order in the nursery prevails permanently. Still in the Plannug one should have considered, where all toy cars, Barbiepuppen and school things in child range can be accommodated. There are toys everywhere. Sure – there are far too many toys and actually the child does not need that much. Regular mucking out of toys and plenty of storage space are the nuts and bolts of the nursery order. The classic gifts and souvenirs are cuddly toys. Although most children only take their favorite stuffed animal to bed with you, you always have too much of it that needs to be cleared away or tucked away. As an idea here comes the hangers for sound, where you can stow away the small stuffed animals wonderful.

When it comes to a youth room, quite different demands are made, but storage space is just as important here. The room should be so flexible that it can be easily converted from the games room to the party room. The fastest way to create storage space with boxes and boxes. In small children’s rooms, a bed box fits because it takes up little space and can be stored much in it.

Nursery Designs – The Chronicles of Narnia

Nursery for girls – a dream in pink

It does not always have to be pink and plush. Although for many girls a pink bed and a bit of fairy dust is for sure a dream of a nursery. The own room forms for the resident her own retreat in the house. Like any nursery, the room is designed to be used for playing, sleeping, relaxing and doing homework. Therefore, special care should be taken.

When choosing the color of the girls room everyone thinks of Rosa for the first time. But it is important in the color choice, the room size and the existing sunlight influence to be observed. Colors can not only visually enlarge or reduce the space, but have a different effect on the body.

As an example, the color green is refreshing and promotes concentration and is suitable for office space, while red is a signal color and acts activating, it should be used for play area. Blue is for rest and relaxation, so it’s great for designing the sleeping area.

Those who want to save money on painting with different colors can best take a subtle color, which is likely to please their daughter when she comes out of the girlhood. On the other hand, one could go into the wall design on the children’s preferences and use, for example, wallpaper with different patterns and motifs.

Nursery design – chic to feel good

The baby room is usually scheduled a few weeks before the birth. The cot is the most important piece of furniture, so you should decide relatively in the beginning whether a cradle or a bunk bed should sin. The cradle rocks the child back and forth but quickly becomes too small, but the bunk bed is also used in infancy. There are also press beds that can later be converted into cots or desks.

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