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Create a pond – choose the right building material!

The most popular option for the residents to build a garden pond is pond construction with pond liner. Because durable pond films are characterized by their durability, they are perfect for the construction of a foil pond, with which the design options for size and shape can best be realized. A DIY garden pond not only enhances the garden, it also looks natural and at the same time exudes calm and elegance.

To enhance your own garden!

Building a DIY garden pond is not a difficult task at all. With a little skill and the right materials, as well as with the right tools, it certainly works. Look at the list below to see what you need to do it yourself:

List of materials:

Pond liner;


Protective fleece;

Pond filter;

Plant baskets;

Shore mats;

Pond plants;

Pond gravel;

Tool list:





Spirit level;


Garden rake;



How can you create a garden pond?

The earth layers at a glance!

Create a pond – Instructions:

Step 1: Planning the pond! Mark pond shape and size!

First, plan location, mass and shape! Here is the rule: the bigger, the better! The larger the area, the easier the pond will maintain its biological balance. Make sure, however, that the shape and the garden pond fits the whole garden design. On the other hand, circular or elliptical basins fit into an architecturally designed garden with right-angled lines. Ruling in the native green rather natural and curved contours, one should opt for such a form. So that the pond plants feel most comfortable, a half-shady spot is perfect as a location. After the location is fixed, mark the pond shape and size with sand, twine or with the garden hose!

Step 2: Marking and excavating the pond basin! Unplug pond pit and dig it out!

Remove the sod! Mark the outline with a line of light sand! Then lift the entire pond area to the first depth level! In the same way mark the area of ​​the next lower pond area and lift it out! Our tip: For larger ponds, it is recommended to rent a mini-excavator for the earthworks!

Step 3: Substructure for the pond liner!

First, check if the pond edges are on one level! Use spirit level or batten! Remove all stones and roots from the pond bed! Then apply a layer of sand to protect the pond liner. Our tip: Use the durable synthetic material “garden pond fleece” to create the pool. It protects the film from damage.

Step 4: Determine the film quantity!

Measure the pit longitudinally and transversely with a tape measure! In principle, the film should last at least 40 cm at the edges! Our tip: If you are not sure whether you could determine the size of the film correctly, then it would be better to order a tailor-made foil in the pond trade.

Step 5: Laying the pond liner!

Spread pond liner and pull over the pond recess! Cut off the edges of the film so that it will last a good distance. First, lay out on the surface and adjust so that it rests everywhere on the ground. Cover the supernatant with stones and earth! Our tip: use a special stone foil to conceal the black pond liner in the shallow water area! Glue the stone foil with the smooth side onto the pond liner!

Step 6: Fill the water!

For the circulation of water, a submersible pump at the bottom of the pond ensures that the water is enriched with oxygen. Be careful to let the first water slowly into the pond with care!

Step 7: Planting plants and planting bank area!

Now plant the pond with aquatic plants! Use only native, wild and adapted to the location of aquatic plants! Our tip: Plant water plants best with nutrient-poor Teicherde in special grid baskets! As the baskets facilitate the care of the garden pond and prevent the spread of the plants! The previously removed turf serves as a beautiful planting of the new pond! Depending on your taste, you could beautify the garden pond with other accessories.

step 2

step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Need inspiration for the perfect pond design? Take a look at some great ideas for DIY garden ponds in the gallery below! Let yourself be influenced! We hope you enjoy the construction of your new garden pond!

Customize your own garden!

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