That which is for some garbage is a treasure for others! Have you ever thought that a thing we always consider to be rubbish can suddenly become a beautiful and useful work of art? Today, see for yourself when you see our creative DIY tutorials for making toilet paper rolls. I agree! It’s about empty toilet paper rolls, which we use as jewelry, crafts with children and decoration.

Basteln with toilet paper rolls – cheap, ecological and beautiful!

Crafting with toilet paper rolls not only creates unique works of art, such as those on the picture with felt-tip pens, colors can be up, but is cheap and ecological. The craft ideas are simple and are also suitable for toddlers. Maybe you think that the toilet paper does not look so nice. With felt-tip pens, colors, or colorful paper, they can quickly turn into beautiful crafting materials! If you can paint, you will easily turn toilet paper rolls into human beings, and why not in the popular hero of your child? You can also create a thematic decoration of the role – for celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas! For recycled artwork, you can slice the roll and arrange it like flowers (see picture above). Color and fold a little and you get modern artwork. So we show how something ordinary can be saved from the garbage can. Enjoy our creative ideas! These craft instructions will surprise you!

Crafting with toilet paper rolls is perfect for crafting with children

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DIY instructions:

Step 1: Cut the toilet paper roll in different sizes

Step 2: Decorate the rolls with colored paper

Step 3: Decorate the rolls to your own taste – with stones or with paper in a different color

Step 4: Simply place the finished rolls on a plate or stick them on a cardboard

Done and so beautiful is our organizer!

Tinker with children: Make toys out of toilet paper rolls

When crafting with Klorollen can create great toys. The crafting instructions shows your children how a toilet roll turns into a brisk racing car. With this, the next race is already ready. Let the creativity of the little racers run free, so unique vehicles.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Cut out a rectangle in the middle of the Klorolle. Leave the back of the driver’s chair above on the short side.
  2. Have your child paint the toilet paper rolls that make up the trolleys colorfully. Let dry.
  3. Cut the circles out of black cardboard. The individual circles will be the tires of our race car and should be attached laterally with clamp pins.
  4. The race car is on the home straight and can be further colored in the end.

With toilet paper rolls, the children will also paint! Look how!

Creative ideas and instructions for Christmas decoration with toilet paper rolls

Make advent calendars from toilet paper rolls yourself

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