Do you like to work in your free time? Then our craft templates for Christmas you will certainly like! Here are 15 creative ideas that you can realize alone or together with your children in the run up to Christmas. We wish you a lot of fun while crafting!

Crafting templates for Christmas: Make felt jewelry for the Christmas tree itself

Use our craft templates for Christmas to quickly and easily craft original jewelry made of felt for the Christmas tree. For this purpose you still need: scissors; Felt in blue, yellow, red and white; Stoffmalstift; Fabric glue; Pinking shears; Thread in appropriate colors and loop to unhook. First, transfer the template to two pieces of felt using the fabric crayon. Then you should cut out the templates by using the pinking shears for the one felt piece. Sew the two pieces together with thread in the appropriate color and glue the loop, with the help of which you can hang the finished figure, on the back. Finished!

Tinker Funny Gift Boxes

Let yourself be inspired and make fun boxes for the presents with our craft templates for Christmas! Apart from the template you still need glue and scissors.

Crafting templates for Christmas: Decorating balloons with artificial snow

Would you like to decorate balloons with artificial snow for Christmas? Print the templates below and use them to make templates. Lay the finished stencils on the balloon and spray on its surface – you can use different motifs. Then remove the stencils and let the balloon dry. Hang him up with a ribbon. Finished! The stencils can also be used to decorate your windows with enchanting pictures.

Make labels for the Christmas gifts

With this template, you can make original labels for the Christmas gifts. In addition, they need scissors, glue and a small clothespin. After you have printed and cut out the template, you can stick the clothespin on the back to make it easier to attach the labels. We hope that you have already found your crafting idea for Christmas!

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