The summer is already here, the children have holidays and are bored at home? Here we offer you the solution to pass the boredom, namely – a few wonderful

Making fingerprints with children is a great idea when, for example, the weather is bad and the little ones can not play outside. So you can also spend sociable moments together – the crafts with the little ones would definitely give you a lot of pleasure! And as I said, imaginative pictures can be created with the finished prints – owls, elephants, butterflies, birds, fish and whatever else you can think of! You can also design beautiful greeting cards that would, for example, please the grandparents. And here arises the question, with which color one may brush the hands of the little ones. The best choices are actually the acrylic paints – they are water-soluble, non-toxic and completely safe for the little ones – so even babies and toddlers can create great pictures. An alternative is the special finger-dye when you buy them, but you should carefully read the information on the packaging to make sure they are not toxic. The colors can also be easily produced yourself – from water, a little flour and simple food colors – this idea is just perfect, if you have spontaneously got inspiration to tinker with the little ones.

Make fingerprints with children: combine the colorful imprints with other motifs

The fingerprints and fingerprints can also be used as a basis for original images – the photos in this article are a great example and can be used as role models. With the help of markers, colorful threads, construction paper, wobbly eyes, glitter, cotton balls you can make great designs – just let your imagination run wild, and the result will be unique! Of course, you should allow the prints to dry well before decorating them creatively. Another great idea is to use ready-made templates that can be downloaded for free from the net. These are printed motifs that can be supplemented with fingerprints and individually designed. For example, the imprints in blue can represent the splashes from the hose of a water hydrant, and if they are made in green – the leaves of a tree! The green summer crown is not the only option: you can also opt for the colorful autumn colors, green, pink and white to create a blossoming spring tree, or prefer the typical blue and white tones for the winter to depict snow and snowflakes. Not only the children, but also all family members can participate in the design of the tree. So you end up with a beautiful symbol of the unity of your family that you can proudly frame and hang on the wall in the living room. There are also alternatives to the tree motif – the fingerprints are often used to make balloons. Each balloon can be in different colors, so that the children have even more fun tinkering. The balloons should of course be combined with another motif that you can draw yourself – look at the photos above to get some inspirational ideas!

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