No beauty shines brighter than that of a colorful bouquet of flowers. Can you contradict this claim? Whether as a deco in the living room, or as a stylish bouquet in the hands of a bride, the flowers are a beautiful adornment. The beauty of natural flowers is unsurpassed, but a pair of paper flowers can be a real eye-catcher. In this post, we have put together some stunning manuals for making paper flowers. The crafting instructions are very easy, but the result is breathtaking. Take a look at our beautiful craft ideas and create a colorful Eden paper garden!

DIY Paper Flowers Crafting: Create dazzling and real-looking crepe paper flowers

The necessary materials:

  • Crepepepper rolls in different colors
  • Green craft wire used in crafting the stalk
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • tongs

Step 1: Make the core of the flower

First, we start tinkering with the core of the flower. For this you have to cut a square from the pink crepe paper. Put some small pieces of paper in the center of the square and wrap the crepe paper around it.

Step 2: Make the stamens

Each flower has stamens, so we are now tinkering the stamens of our crepe paper flowers. Cut a rectangle from the black crepe paper. Fringe one side of the rectangle. Be careful not to cut the rectangle. Glue it around the core of the flower with the fringes upwards.

Step 3: Make the petals

What would a flower be without petals? Cut 4 petals of crepe paper in popular color. For fuller flowering use several petals in different sizes. Now carefully separate the edges of the petals until a disheveled look is created. Glue the petals on the core.

The flower is ready! Spray the flower with perfume to make it look more and more real.

Step 4: Repeat these steps to make the other flowers.

Step 5: Make the leaves

For the leaves, fold a piece of the green crepe paper in half and cut it in the form of a leaf. Carefully pull the edges of the sheet apart. Turn one tip of the sheet. If you stick two pieces together, a double sheet is created.

Step 6: Glue all elements together

Wrap the wire around the flowers and glue them together. Leave a piece of wire to hold it to the stem. Also stick a few green leaves.

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The instructions for flowering:

  1. First you make the core of the flower made of green crepe paper.
  2. Cut two white rectangles and a yellow rectangle. Then fringe one side of each rectangle.
  3. Stick the stamens around the core.
  4. Cut the leaves for flowering and gently pull apart the edges.
  5. Stick the leaves around the stamens.
  6. Boost the leaves layers with fingers until you like the endlook.

The instructions for the green:

  1. Cut the green leaves from crepe paper.
  2. Fold the sheet to the center and cut it through. Turn one over from the pieces.
  3. Apply glue to the inner edge of one half of the sheet and overlap with the other half.
  4. Carefully pull the edge apart when the adhesive has dried.
  5. Glue from 3 to 5 leaves on a stalk of wire.

Arrange the flowers and the green elements beautifully in a bouquet.

Now you are ready to say the most important “yes” in your life!

Collect many stunning ideas for making paper flowers and surprise young and old with their beautiful paper creations. We wish you a lot of fun crafting!

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