A festive occasion like Choose the best costume for pregnant women – tips
Kostüm für Schwangere Ideen und Anregungen
Kostüm für Schwangere niedlich Känguru
Kostüm für Schwangere Indianerin
Kostüm für Schwangere Mumie tolle Idee zu Halloween
Kostüm für Schwangere Fasching Halloween Ball
What should be considered in the costumes for pregnant women? Above all, they should not be too tight, so they do not pinch off the belly. Wide tunics and dresses, which can be quickly put on and take off are actually the best option – with the future mothers, comfort comes first. And there are many ways to present your baby belly funny – just let your imagination run wild! As already mentioned, we help you here with some ideas and suggestions.

Costume for pregnant women – the baby belly is the focus

Kostüm für Schwangere Baskettball Spielerin
Kostüm für Schwangere Halloween Kürbis
Kostüm für Schwangere Ball schwarz weiß
Kostüm für Schwangere Kürbis orangefarbene Tunika
Kostüm für Schwangere Halloween Fasching Baseball
For example, it would be really original to disguise yourself like a basketball player. You can make a “basketball” out of an orange fabric with some insulating tape (for the black wavy lines), which you can attach to your stomach with a little tape or just hold on to it with your hands. Another variant, especially suitable for Halloween, is to present your belly like a pumpkin.

Costume for pregnant women – greek goddess

Kostüm für Schwangere griechische Göttin
Above all, you want to be elegant? Then the costume of a Greek goddess is the perfect choice for you! As you may know from mythology, the goddesses have magnificent, broad robes. This can be replaced by an Empire style dress that can be combined with a variety of elegant accessories. Good ideas in this regard are massive hair clips, hair bands with rhinestones, big necklaces and bracelets and even a crown.

Costume for pregnant women – great disco ball

Kostüm für Schwangere Discokugel aus Pappmache
Kostüm für Schwangere Diskokugel basteln
Kostüm für Schwangere super stilvoll Discokugel
A gorgeous costume for pregnant women is this a disco ball. And it’s easy to do it yourself – just follow our tips! The disco ball itself can be made of papier mache. You need: a balloon (90 cm in diameter), holographic bird defense tape (1.5 rolls), flour, water, many old newspapers, sequin border or silver ribbon, scissors, tape and stapler. First, make a thick paste of 1: 1 water and flour. Then blow up the balloon and place it on a cardboard box. Cut the newspaper into strips and apply the first layer of paste on the balloon. Cover with the strips. Now you should repeat the steps 2-3 times and allow the paper mache to dry out overnight before you burst the balloon. Finally, you should glue the finished ball with holographic tape. The complete instructions can be found here .

Costume for pregnant women: more inspiring suggestions

Kostüm für Schwangere Retro Look 80er Jahre
Kostüm für Schwangere Tunika lang Gespenst
Kostüm für Schwangere Hexe
Kostüm für Schwangere Fasching Indianerin
Kostüm für Schwangere Mama Indianerin
Kostüm für Schwangere Halloween Fasching Piratin
Kostüm für Schwangere Karneval Piratin
There are also other fascinating costumes for pregnant women that you can choose. You can make cardboard wings and become a magic fairy! The ghost costume is really easy to make. For this purpose, you only need a white lacquer or a very wide white blouse / tunic that you combine with a black bottom.
Kostüm für Schwangere Mumie Babybauch Halloween
Kostüm für Schwangere Babybauch betonen Monster
Kostüm für Schwangere lustige Ideen Mann mit Bierbauch
Kostüm für Schwangere Nonne Priest
Kostüm für Schwangere Schneemann Karneval
Kostüm für Schwangere Karneval Halloween Räuber
Kostüm für Schwangere Poison Ivy Halloween
Kostüm für Schwangere Pikachu originell
Kostüm für Schwangere Katze Tunika Leopardenmuster
Kostüm für Schwangere Halloween schaurig Ursula
Kostüm für Schwangere Fasching Fee
Kostüm für Schwangere Aquarium
Kostüm für Schwangere wirklich lustig Mann Bierbauch
Another possibility for future mothers is the cat costume. Put on a leopard print tunic and black bottom, and put on a maple face. Really funny looks the costume of a pregnant nun (your partner can be a priest). The same goes for the costume of a man with a big beer belly – this will definitely surprise your family and friends. Get some inspiring ideas from our photos!

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