It used to be put together, today it means to pull together, because the corner bench group not only looks stunning, but also comfortable, that everyone wants to take his place on it. The dining room is no longer just a space with room to sit. It is the heart of your home, where you come together every day, eat, exchange through the day, laugh and have fun. In addition to

As much as we nowadays support the claim that you are up all day, you spend:

  • 12 years of his life sitting in front of the TV;
  • 2½ years of his life sitting in the car;
  • One year sitting in the cinema or theater;
  • Sitting 4 months in front of the computer;

Sources: “American Time Use Survery”, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, and “The Book of Times”, publisher Wiliam Morrow.

The statistic is eloquent – we spend half of our lives sitting, making it all the more important to find the ergonomically correct furniture for the design of a dining area. Whether you want to design a seating area in the kitchen or in the dining room, it is asked at the establishment that this area offers full functionality and coziness. So Eckbankecke’s focus is not just on the design, colors and shapes that fit your style, but also on the comfort of the furniture.

Why should you put on a corner bench set up at the dining room / kitchen?

Every family member is excited about the ritual of eating together. Whether in the morning or in the evening, the common food creates harmony and strengthens the cohesion. Here comes the corner seat group, which is ideal for it. It is also the perfect alternative to your own dining room because it is space-saving and functional. The unused corner is filled with it. In addition to the full functionality of very beautiful corner bench group are available for purchase – from the modern variants with steel and leather, on the classic wood, up to the corner bench groups made of plastic. In addition, the corner bank group offers another advantage – the variety of opportunities for sitting. Some prefer the chair, but the others prefer a seat on the bench.

A corner seat modern in the dining room

Whether celebrating for family celebration, or having the daily breakfast, nowhere can the whole family get together better than at a corner seat. The corner seat leather creates a noble look and beside that the leather is a high quality material, on which one can sit for years. The beautiful corner seat leather comes in a set together with the perfect table made of metal and glass, creating the ideal corner seat group in a modern style.

The corner bench wood – the real classic and absolute trend

After a hard day, you are looking for peace and comfort. Nowhere can you find eating around the table with your family, drinking a glass of wine and looking forward to family reunion. Whether made of solid wood or treated wood, this timeless companion – the corner bench group made of wood, with the years not old-fashioned or old, but beautiful and noble.

Sitting around the table, eating, drinking, talking, talking and laughing – eating together is one of the most beautiful family rituals that has its origins in the creation of humanity. Nowhere is the supper celebrated as well as on a corner seat around the table. Now everyone to the table please!

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