Everyone knows the importance of the bed for sleeping comfort and the recovery in the morning. Boxspring beds have recently become established as a true trend product, as they not only guarantee a good night’s sleep but also impress with their modern look. In this article we want to introduce you to the construction of Boxspringbett so that you can convince yourself of its numerous advantages. Enjoy reading!

Box spring beds have a long tradition

Boxspring beds come from the USA, but are also quite popular in Germany today. Originally, these types of beds consisted of two mattresses, but later began to use as a mattress a box made of wood with spring core. That’s why the name “Boxspring” comes from the English word “box” for box and “spring” – for spring, and this name has not changed over time, although the structure of box spring today is different. You may have slept on such a bed before – in hotels, for example, this type of bed is especially popular because it meets the sleeping needs of most people. Of course you can buy a box spring bed for your own bedroom – if you have this wish, you are in the right place! Below you will find everything for the construction of box spring bed and its advantages and disadvantages.

Building Boxspringbed – Which are the most important components?

Although box spring beds are really popular today, few people know what structure they have. The box spring bed usually consists of a special box spring base with spring core, a 30cm thick top mattress and a topper (this is really only for the Scandinavian box spring bed, in the American version, the mattress is thicker and therefore you do without the topper). This multi-layered structure guarantees a comfortable lying height – up to 60-70cm, and a heavenly sleeping feeling. The special feature of box spring mattresses is the exact adaptation to the box spring. You can also choose a mattress with a spring core – for example, from pocket-type pocket springs (the rule here is – the more spring, the greater support force of the mattress).

Advantages of the box spring beds

As mentioned above, the boxspring bed is much more comfortable compared to all other types of beds due to its multi-layered structure. But it also has other advantages that should not be underestimated. This type of bed is ideal for you, for example, if you suffer from back pain – the three layers guarantee optimal comfort for the muscles and spine, while the springs offer a high adaptability to the whole body. The topper also has an important role – it provides more comfort and comfort, and the mattress is also spared. If you prefer a softer bed, choose a topper in Klimalatex, and if you have problems with the back, the Visco Topper is simply ideal for you.

Long-term investment that is definitely worth it

You can either buy a box spring bed or choose the individual components yourself. In the second case, the lying elements are to be very well coordinated with each other, therefore a professional advice is recommended. The price of such a bed is usually a bit higher than that of a classic upholstered bed, but the investment is long term and well worth it. There is no limit to the selection of headboards, tops, materials and colors for a box spring bed – the variety on the market is really huge. We wish you to find the variant that suits your personal preference and taste best!

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