The golden wedding is a very special occasion – on this day celebrates 50 years of love and happy living together! Sometimes, however, we lack the right words to congratulate the couple, so in this post we have collected some beautiful sayings and congratulations that are just perfect for the marriage anniversary of your parents, grandparents, relatives or friends. They can be used either as a sample text for the greetings card, or just as a formulation aid, so that you can better express your own thoughts. We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

The golden wedding is a very special occasion

A 5 and behind it a 0, that means golden wedding. Today you celebrate 50 years of married happiness and a successful life together. That is a cause for joy and happiness, and we are with you in thought. Our heartiest congratulations for the happy anniversary!

50 years of love, 50 years of marriage, 50 years together through life. On this day of honor, everything is just about the jubilee couple turn. Have fun in the circle of loved ones and congratulations on the golden wedding!

50 years, and not a bit wise,
50 years and learned a lot,
50 years and not a bit quiet,
now is celebrated what your heart desires.

Two humans,
who love each other for 50 years,
hover also for the golden wedding
still on cloud nine.

Dear Golden Couples –
dear mom, dear dad, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts for your golden wedding! We are very happy that we have the privilege to celebrate this wonderful and special wedding anniversary together with you.

On 50 years of married happiness,
you both look back now.
You have in your life
so much we have already given.

For all the effort you make,
be here with thanks to you.
May it be for you in the further life
give a lot of joy and health.

The best wishes for your 50th wedding anniversary
and all the best for the coming years of marriage.

Wishes and sayings for golden wedding

Happy Golden Wedding,
Today is the day
A happy couple we see today
You deserve it and we say thank you.
Let’s look back,
we see, you have not always been lucky.
Have mastered every situation
and we are always excited about it.
As children, we want to thank you,
and take good care of you.

I wish you a lot of love, happiness and satisfaction for the Golden Wedding. May the strong bond of marriage continue to connect you and bring you many happy years.

Gold is a precious, rare and noble material. The same values ​​symbolize the Golden Wedding. This marriage anniversary is at least as noble, valuable and unfortunately increasingly rare. Therefore, we are especially pleased that you can celebrate your gold wedding today! We wish you all the best for the festive occasion!

Fifty years of marriage together in happiness and sorrow,
Only the best given, that is no small matter.

Whether it was the right decision for two people to marry each other will eventually show up at their Golden Wedding.
Best wishes for your further life together!

Wine and marriage have one thing in common: their true goodness will only become apparent after many years! We wish you all the best for your Jubeltag, good health and happiness for the rest of your life.

If two people go hand in hand through life together for 50 years, then this is a mature achievement. You have proved to the world that you master marriage. Hats off to the jubilation and the best blessings for the fiftieth wedding anniversary!

50 long years have already passed, 50 years full of joy, love and togetherness. We would like to thank you for letting us participate and wish you all the best for your future life together!
Congratulations to the golden wedding of …

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