A concrete wall in the apartment looks bare and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere? In this post we try to convince you exactly the opposite! Because when it comes to modern decor, the rough concrete look is getting more and more popular and that’s not by chance – uncoated concrete walls impress with their super stylish look and are a great choice for all living spaces – from the living room and bedroom to the bathroom, kitchen and hallway , Here we give you some modern furnishing examples, which bring out the beauty of the rough concrete walls to full advantage, and from which you can draw inspiration for your own home. Have fun reading!

The simple elegance of the concrete wall – typical of the industrial and minimalist style

Betonwand Küche industriell
Betonwand moderne Einrichtungsbeispiele
Betonwand stilvoll Badezimmer
Betonwand Decke skandinavisch Zimmerpflanzen
Betonwand Wohnzimmer industrieller Schick
Betonwand Boden Decke Wohnraum gross modern
Betonwand Paneele Wohnzimmer minimalistisch super stilvoll
Betonwand Wohnzimmer im minimalistischen Stil
Betonwand Bad Wanne freistehend
Betonwand raue Schönheit
Betonwand Schlafzimmer grosses Polsterbett
Betonwand Wohnzimmer minimalistisch grosse Fenster vom Dach bus zum Boden
Betonwand Putz hellgaru Wohnzimmer Kronleuchter
Betonwand Wohnzimmer moderne Einrichtung Akzentwand Fliesen
Rough concrete walls are typical of a concrete interior design style, namely the industrial one, which is currently very much in vogue. If you want to bring an urban flair to your home, the innovative wall design in concrete look is actually the best option you can choose. The concrete wall with its simple beauty can also be combined with modern furniture in minimalist style – the result looks so stylish that you will definitely like it! Here we not only give you great design ideas in various styles that can serve as a role model, but also let us tell you how the modern concrete look works best for you. For example, the walls in your home can be made of brick – in this case, there is no need to pour concrete; With some techniques you can quickly and easily, without annoying construction work, get the chic concrete look into the interior. And how is it? Read on to find out the answer!

Make the concrete wall yourself, without pouring concrete – with the spatula technique

Betonwand Rollbeton Wohnzimmer Essbereich
Betonwand modern grosser Wohnraum Wohnzimmer Küche
Betonwand Wohnzimmer Homeoffce minimalistisch Kronleuchter toll
Betonwand Homeoffice minimalistischer Stil
Betonwand Wohnzimmer fernseher
Betonwand Einrichtung modern minimalistisch Stehlampen
Betonwand Decke stilvolles Ambiente skandinavisch
Betonwand Schlafzimmer modern bequem
Betonwand moderne Küche
Betonwand Küche gross Kochinsel
Betonwand Essbereich Bild bunt
Betonwand Homeoffice Bücherregale
Betonwand Küche Dachschräge Fenster gross
You can make a concrete wall yourself, without pouring concrete? It sounds almost unbelievable, but it is true! There are many different possibilities that you can try out – one variant is, for example, the so-called ” filling technique “. With a basic spatula and effect spatula in concrete look, you can effortlessly reach the trendy industrial look in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. It is important that the substrate for the spatula is well suited – the best variants in this respect are Zemetfaserplatten, smooth non-woven wallpaper, plaster or plasterboard. First, apply a putty paint roller to the wall using a paint roller – to this end, thoroughly mix the mass with a stir bar and fill in a paint pan. Apply to an area no larger than 2m 2 and spread by crossing and crossing. Finally, tighten the wall with a smoother. Work the individual sections until they are still wet, and when you are done with the whole wall, let the putty completely dry out (the necessary time is about 6 hours). The same process is repeated with the effect spatula – you should know that your pressure with the smoother determines the final look of the concrete wall. The harder you press, the clearer the ground will shine through.

Concrete wall design yourself – mineral plasters, wall panels, rolling concrete

Betonwand mineralischer Wandputz Küche
Betonwand Decke Wohnzimmer gross
Betonwand Tapete toller Look
Betonwand Paneele Homeoffice
Betonwand Küche Spülbecken
Betonwand Paneele modern Flur
Betonwand Paneele Wohnzimmer klein platzsparende Einrichtung
Betonwand Paneele Treppe modern minimalistisch
Betonwand Schlafzimmer Raumtrenner toller Look
Betonwand Schlafzimmer Fliesen herrlicher Look
Betonwand Decke Essbereich Kronleuchter gross
Betonwand Wohnzimmer Sessel Ledersofa Holzboden
A great concrete look can also be achieved with mineral

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