Christmas is almost here! And it’s the right time to choose Christmas tree decorations. Why not make the Christmas decorations yourself this year? So it looks unique and you still feel the festive flair while Christmas baubeln. When researching interesting decorations and ideas, we have the best of simplicity and creativity in it – concrete Christmas decoration. As Christmas tree decorations, Christmas candle holders or ornaments that bring festive mood – the Concrete decoration Christmas with a golden touch
Beton Deko Weihnachten - Christbaumschmuck mit Beton basteln
Like every festival, Christmas is associated with many costs – gifts, Christmas dinners, etc. You probably have a lot of old Christmas tree decorations, but you want to buy something new this year. We have an idea on a tight budget – to give your old ornaments a modern update. How does it work? Of course, with concrete and a golden touch! The Christmas tree decoration gets boring and just too stylish and full of texture. Look here, how it works!

Making Christmas balls with concrete: step by step DIY instructions

Beton Deko Weihnachten - Christbaumschmuck mit Beton basteln

You need these materials:

Beton Deko Weihnachten - Christbaumschmuck mit Beton basteln

  1. Simple christmas ball
  2. concrete color
  3. gold
  4. Brush for painting

Step 1: Apply concrete paint

Beton Deko Weihnachten - Christbaumschmuck mit Beton basteln
Cover the entire ornament and allow it to dry completely. Apply at least two layers.
Beton Deko Weihnachten - Christbaumschmuck mit Beton basteln
When the concrete surface has completely dried, paint the lower part of the sphere with gold paint. You can use paper tape to create a clean line, or just an eyeball. Apply as many coats as you like until you reach the desired gold density. Allow to dry completely.

Finished! The concrete Christmas tree ornaments are perfect for a white Christmas tree
Beton Deko Weihnachten

Beton Deko Weihnachten - Christbaumschmuck basteln

Concrete Deco Christmas – choose Christmas tree decorations or ornaments for gifts!

Christbaumschmuck mit Beton basteln

DIY guide

DIY Beton Schmuck für den Christbaum

Step 1: Prepare concrete

Basteln mit Beton für eine einzigartige Weihnachtsdeko
Mix about 4 cups of concrete with 1 cup of water to get the clay-like consistency you need for this project. Add the water slowly until the clay-like consistency is achieved. It is recommended to mix with your hands.

The mix should look like this:
Was kann man basteln mit Beton - Beton Deko Weihnachten Deko

Step 2:

Basteln mit Beton für eine einzigartige Weihnachtsdeko
Then roll out a piece of parchment paper and scrape the mixture from the bucket onto the paper. Lay it on with another piece of parchment paper and roll it flat with a rolling pin. You want the concrete to be about 1/3 to 1/2 inch thick.

Step 2:

Mit Beton basteln - Beton Deko Weihnachten Anleitung
Use cookie cutters to cut out your ornaments. Make sure the cutter is pushed through the concrete. Then use a toothpick or wooden spit to punch a hole near the top for a ribbon with the cookie cutter still pressed into the concrete. If you use the cookie cutter on the spot, you can prevent the concrete figure from being damaged.

Let the ornaments dry for a day

Christbaumschmuck mit Beton basteln - DIY Anleitung
Beton Deko Weihnachten selber machen Anleitung
Break off the excess concrete the next day so that the fittings remain. Use a piece of sandpaper to smooth the edges and remove excess concrete. Finally, you want to create a glittering edge. Paint the side of your ornaments with a sticky craft glue with a brush. Then apply the glitter.
DIY Beton Christbaumschmuck - Beton Deko Weihnachten
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