Just like you, we also love DIY furniture and hacks that help our old, memorable furniture shine with a new sheen. Not only the old furniture can be turned into a unique work of art! You may think that IKEA is a huge furniture business that sells affordable, finished furniture. That’s right, Ikea can also offer a DIY wonderland. And when you plan to completely set up your baby room with Ikea, you need creative Ikea hacks and ideas. Because the babies and kids love wonderland! Make the baby room unique with our creative decorating tips!

Why Ikea?

From the cozy baby room to large children’s rooms and teenage bedrooms, Ikea offers the right children’s furniture. IKEA furniture looks amazingly chic and is sturdy enough to last for a long time. Although shopping at IKEA has many advantages, it is also true that the goods do not have much originality or personality. Thankfully, IKEA items are also very versatile, which makes it very easy to personalize them with clever DIY projects and put everything together. With our ideas, you will completely set up the baby room so that your child (and the child in you) will enjoy it every day! Let yourself be inspired!

Baby room completely furnished – enough storage space and enough space for games

Children need space to be just children. Where they can crawl, run, jump around – and then go to sleep after all the fun. Because they get to know each other and grow up like that. Space for fun and room for storage sounds like an impossible task. You’re probably wondering about a lot of things: what name to pick, what kind of things you buy in advance, and so many things you need to buy but unnecessary ones – tiny, gorgeous baby clothes, toys, books, and photos are stored and stored practically to create as much space as possible for your most important person in the world. Here are some Ikea furniture, which offer plenty of space for storage space and at the same time are multifunctional:

Space for cute baby clothes: wardrobe shelf

Start with an IKEA wall shelf, simply screw a rail to the floor for a super simple but clever hack. Books and decor go up, and clothes on the bottom.

Changing table by Ikea as storage space

The changing table is not just for wrapping, especially when placed on a cupboard. Choose a closet for your changing table, which also combines open shelves that combine fast-moving items such as towels and diapers with drawers for easy-to-organize clothes. Not only can your changing table be practical, it can also be colorful and strange. The simple Hensvik IKEA changing table is completely redesigned with a few cute, colorful wallpapers, some ribbons and color pop accessories. The project, which takes less than an hour, is also relatively simple. It does not require painting or extensive work, but the final results significantly change the overall picture when you set up your baby room completely.

Our tip: Make a cute little night light so that anyone with wind service can see what he is doing without waking up the sleeping layer.

DIY window couch from Ikea cabinets –

This awesome hack easily turns a simple IKEA bookcase into a comfortable window seat with a little extra storage space. The project is completed by simply attaching a pair of sturdy IKEA chair legs to the bookshelf, turning it over on the side and covered in a soft pillow that makes it comfortable to sit on. We are sure that will quickly become the favorite place of every mother! And when it comes to the mother or father, comes to the grand finale of the dream chair: Standmon armchair!

We wish you an unforgettable and pleasant time with your little baby!

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