In addition to the” gray hair> there is currently a new hair styling trend that conquers the fashion world, namely – the hair white color! If hair color white is good for you, how does one get the trendy look, is it detrimental to the hair structure and how should you care for white hair – answer these and other important questions in this article. Here you will find everything about the topic “white hair”, you will get information about the advantages and disadvantages of the new trend, as well as some helpful tips if you want to try it out for yourself. Enjoy reading!

Coloring your hair white – ideas for a fabulous look

White hair is no longer a taboo for young women – they look particularly attractive, classy and give your wearer a fabulous look. The brilliant white color – usually with a stylish silver touch, would immediately make your hairstyle a real eye-catcher and emphasize the beauty of your face. You can also convince yourself of how unusual and remarkable the white hair looks in our article! Coloring your hair white and then taking care of it properly is a minor challenge in itself – it takes a lot of patience and attention to avoid hair damage. So, as we said earlier, we tell you all the positive and negative sides of hair color White that you should be aware of before deciding to make that big change. Continue reading!

Coloring the hair white: What should you know?

If you want to dye your hair white, you should first of all know that the process can take months to complete. Brightening the hair to its maximum is by no means easy – the faster it works, the greater the risk of damaging your hair. Even so, it is not impossible to get a bright white color, even if you currently have completely black hair – patience is the keyword here. In advance you should also know about three important things: any lightening will damage the hair more or less, even if it is done professionally; after dyeing your hair would need regular care, masks and hair conditioners; perhaps you would sacrifice part of your magnificent mane in this highly grueling process. You should also be sure that white hair will match your taint – if the skin is too dark, the hairstyle will look unnatural, and if it is too light, you might end up with an unwanted “ghosting” effect. To know that White Blonde is the right choice for you, it is best to consult your hairdresser.

Dyeing the hair white: instructions and care tips

As I said before, if you have brown or black hair, the lightening should be done several times, so it is recommended to go to a professional instead of dyeing your own hair. In order to prepare your mane for bleaching, you should use at least a few weeks before dyeing qualitative care products depending on your hair type – ie army masks, intensive care, coconut oil (this is best left to work in the hair overnight). The healthier and healthier your hair is, the better the result would look! But if you are still confident or want to save some money, it is not impossible to make bleaching yourself. The right brightener can be found either in the drugstore, or in the hairdressing supplies. When dyeing, you should be very attentive and follow the packing instructions exactly. After that you should definitely use a hair cure. The next lightening (if necessary) is done at least after 3 weeks so as not to damage your hair structure. When you finally reach the desired level of brightness, you might still have a yellow cast in your hair – on the other hand, raises a certain tint (the violet and silver tones are the best choice here). Special anti-yellowing masks might also be found in the drugstore. We also recommend silver shampoo, as well as intensive hair treatments and oils for bleached hair to keep your great hairstyle for a long time.

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