Eyebrows are well known the frame of the face. They give the face an individual expression. But not every woman is fortunate enough to have beautiful, full eyebrows. This is possible today through eyebrow dyeing. Especially, with very light eyebrows, a little color can work wonders and make the eyes look more expressive and radiant. However, it would be important to find the perfect color. It still has to be decided whether you can do it yourself or in the hands of the specialists.

Coloring eyebrows can work wonders

The most appropriate form of eyebrow is the most important thing to emphasize the natural look. Since there are also fashion trends in the eyebrows, it makes the most sense to find a natural and neat shape for themselves. The eyebrow color should match the hair color and the skin tone. Here’s the rule of thumb: Better start with a lighter tone and choose a darker nuance the next time you do not like the first result. For eyebrow dyeing you need a color cream and a color developer. Especially for eyebrow dyeing, there are many different products on the market. In some, color and developer are agglomerated one after the other, while in others color cream and developer mix together to form a homogeneous mixture.

What to look for when dyeing eyebrows?

When dyeing the eyebrows, it should be noted that sometimes it can be dangerous to use dyes on the sensitive skin around the eyes. Therefore, follow the instructions very carefully and if in doubt, go to a professional!

It is important to use products that are also explicitly designated for dyeing eyebrows. Never apply colorants intended for hair on the head. Otherwise it can quickly lead to allergic reactions and other intolerances.

Before dyeing, eyebrows should be clean and free from greasy cosmetics. It is important to treat the skin around the eyebrow with a greasy cream, such as petrolatum, where no color should go. Caution: if the greasy cream gets on the eyebrows, then the subsequent dyeing in these places is ineffective. Do not forget: even if the color is intended for eyebrows and eyelashes, you should make sure that no colored cercemes get into the eyes, it burns very uncomfortable.


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