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Like all shades of green, the color sage impresses with its naturalness. This modern nuance has a delicate pastel touch that makes it just perfect for wall decorating any living space. The sage color has a relaxing effect and promotes concentration, which makes it a good choice for the home office. Actually, this shade represents an interesting mix of green and gray, and has a very subtle, gentle and classy look that really suits all decor styles – from romantic country-style interiors to modern minimalist and Scandinavian styles. As the name implies, this subtle nuance is similar to the color of sage leaves – once you’ve seen the plant, you can certainly imagine the color. And if not – take a look at our photos!

Color sage combined with other tones succeeded – modern design solutions

The color sage is versatile and, as already mentioned, thanks to its naturalness and subtle effect, it can be combined with both traditional and modern furnishings. The sage green walls also provide a beautiful backdrop for eye-catching furniture and accessories that allow you to add original touches to the interior. In the kitchen, sage green looks fresh, in the bedroom – soothing, in the hallway – inviting, in the living room it creates a modern and homely ambience, even for the bathroom, the trendy hue is a great choice! Depending on the other tones it is combined with, the nuance is relaxing, playful, noble or sophisticated – and the combinations are really enormous! In the first place, the sage green suits all neutral tones such as cream color, beige and white – the result is a stylish and particularly harmonious ambience. In Sage Color, original accent walls can be created, and in combination with white tones, you can also get interesting visual effects – with sage-green walls and white ceiling, for example, the room would look higher and more spacious. This modern shade fits perfectly to the wooden interior, and if you combine it with warm colors like sun yellow or pastel orange, you can create a very cozy atmosphere in the room! A particularly original and attractive design solution would be the combination of sage green and other modern shades of green – we’ll give you some ideas in this regard below!

Color sage vs. Olive and mint green

If you combine the color sage with other shades of green in the interior, you can even get a wonderful ombre effect. Such color play looks particularly original and stylish, and here we present you two more trendy nuances of the green that you would certainly like – mint and olive green. Compared to sage color, olive green is darker and more subdued and provides the ideal backdrop for furniture in bright colors. The nuance conveys comfort and naturalness, and in combination with sage green it might look intriguing! It would be more difficult to combine the sage color with mint green, as both shades look very similar – the mint green color is just a little brighter. Look at the photos above – they would give you a better visual idea of ​​the distinction between these 3 modern greens!

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