Coconut water is becoming more and more popular and is considered to be extremely healthy. Originally from South America, the trend drink is known for its potent isotonic action, which is why it is often offered in gyms as a natural alternative to artificially made sports drinks, and it is believed that it can also help with weight loss. Whether this is true, what nutrients coconut water contains and what effect it has on the body, see this article!

Coconut water: what is it?

Coconut water is often confused with coconut milk, although neither looks nor tastes alike. This is actually due to the common assumption that the coconut milk is inside the coconut – in reality, it is made from the fruit flesh of the ripe coconuts, while the coconut water is found in the young, green fruits. Since there are no green coconuts in Germany on the market, you can buy coconut water only in a beverage carton – it is available in the well-stocked supermarkets and health food stores. The slightly cloudy liquid may surprise you with your taste – it does not taste like coconut, as you would expect, but has a slightly sweet taste with an acidic note. The drink is actually very refreshing, and if you like it, it could partially replace the drinking of water in everyday life. In comparison, the coconut milk tastes pleasant to coconut and is a real calorie bomb, because its fat content is about 20 percent! But it is widely used in Asian cuisine as an ingredient in many dishes.

Coconut water as an isotonic drink

As mentioned above, the coconut water has an isotonic effect – this actually means that the ratio of nutrients to liquids in it exactly matches that of human blood. For this reason, coconut water is a very good thinning remover and can provide the body with minerals after a workout, so it is so popular with athletes. It is also a great alternative to the usual soft drinks and sports drinks as it contains little fat and sugar, but it also contains many vital nutrients. These include various vitamins such as C, B1 and B2, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, as well as some trace elements such as iron and zinc. In addition, the coconut water is very rich in potassium – with a dosage of 600-700 mg per 250 ml it could prevent arrythmia and various lung diseases caused by potassium deficiency. The drink is really low in calories – per 100 ml, it only contains 16-20 calories, about 40 calories for a glass!

Coconut water healthy: Can you lose weight faster?

Because of its low fat and sugar content, coconut water is often referred to as a weight loss wonder drug. That’s true, but only partially. Because the drink can neither accelerate the metabolism nor stimulate the burning of fat. It is just a healthy alternative to soft drinks with a general positive effect on the organism. Therefore, you should expect no miracles – without sports and healthy food is not! Coconut water can do a lot more for your skin and hair because it is rich in antioxidants that promote rapid cell regeneration.

Recipe for smoothie with coconut water

The coconut water is used both as a drink, as well as in the kitchen. In the summer it tastes best directly from the fridge. It can also be used to prepare many refreshing drinks, such as non-alcoholic cocktails and healthy smmothies. For example, you can try the following recipe yourself:
• 150 ml organic coconut water
• 100g papaya
• 100g watermelon (pulp)
• 1 banana
First, you should peel all the fruits and gut the papya and watermelon. Then pour the fruit into the blender, pour over the coconut water and puree everything well. You can refrigerate the smoothie for 10-15 minutes and enjoy it as a snack or for breakfast!

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