What do the children love the most? Play, of course! For this reason, we offer in this post a great idea for creative parents – to design a fascinating play area with climbing frame itself! Living in a house with a garden is simply the ideal way to make your children happy and spend many happy moments together! Below you will also find some useful design tips that can help you. Let yourself be inspired!

Creating a play paradise for the children themselves – helpful tips

As mentioned above, the little ones would be undoubtedly thrilled to have their own place in the garden, where they could invite friends. And since most kids like to climb, the jungle gym is a good choice because it’s also a lot safer compared to the trees in your back yard. Creating a play corner with a climbing frame is actually not a difficult task, but as a preparation, you should ask yourself a few important questions that would make your job much easier. In the first place it is important how big your garden is and how much space you have for the play area. That actually determines the choice of playground equipment – apart from the climbing frame, you could also opt for a slide, swing, rope ladder, sandpit or climbing wall. The tree house is also a beautiful idea – as a child, probably each of us dreamed of it! It also matters how big your budget is, because quality playground equipment is not a cheap affair. You can save a lot of money by building some of the playground equipment yourself – but on the other hand it takes a lot of time and that requires a lot of manual skills. If you (or your spouse) like to master, think about what you could build yourself – for the construction of a climbing frame, for example, there are many simple instructions on the Internet.

Creating a play corner with a climbing frame in the garden – ideas for creative parents

When choosing playground equipment, you should also consider the age of the children. Infants are at greater risk of injury, so if they buy a swing or slide, they should make sure that all safety criteria are met. Some play equipment such as rope, rope ladder or climbing wall are only suitable for older children. It is also important to ask the kids for their opinions. For example, a 3-year-old child may be intrigued by the idea of ​​having one’s own play paradise, and larger children who are already in school might also have a different view. To avoid any possible disappointment, ask the little ones what they want, and discuss everything down to the last detail – they would be delighted that their opinion matters to their parents!

A cool climbing frame in the garden gives the children much joy

What is even more important is to choose the ideal location in the garden. First, it should be away from other buildings enough so that the noise of the cheerful children’s games does not bother your neighbors. The best option is to design the play area in the immediate vicinity of your home so you can watch it without the kids seeing you. That way, the kids would not feel controlled all the time, and you’re not worried about hurting yourself, throwing the ball in the bushes, or eating off the plants. The photos in this post might give you some good ideas on how to arrange the jungle gym and the other playground equipment in the best way. It is also important to leave the little space free space on which you can play football and badminton or just frolic around. If you have enough space in the garden, you could opt for a trampoline. It should, however, be tested for safety by a recognized testing center and have a large net to prevent falls.

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