Clematis is one of the most popular climbing plants in many gardens, embellishing fences, walls and pergolas. In this article you will learn how to properly cut and care for your Clematis so that it can grow optimally. We hope that our tips will help you. Enjoy reading!

Clematis cut: what you should know about it?

Clematis is so popular and popular today for its large, beautiful flowers. But there are many Clematis varieties that need different care – this of course also applies to the cutting. One can differentiate between three cut groups – the spring-flowering plants, the hybrid varieties and the clematis that bloom in the summer. For this reason, it is important to know the specific variety of your plant before you start cutting. Below you will find useful information about the three editing groups.

Section 1: Springtime blooms and wild species

This group includes the spring bloomers, all wild species, as well as the varieties Clematis alpina and Clematis Montana. These clematis cut best in the months of June and July, after they have already flowered. The ideal variant is a partial cutback, where you cut only a few shoots in different lengths so that you can give the plant the desired shape. For spring bloomers, cutting is especially important as they tend to age.

Section 2: hybrid varieties

The hybrid varieties flower once, some even twice a year, and also produce fruits. These fruits, together with the underlying leaves, you should cut off these, so that the power of the plant is not in it. The annual pruning is done in November or December – cut all shoots in half.

Clematis cut – section group 3

The third group includes the summer flowers and two hybrid varieties – Clematis Jackmanii and Clematis Viticella. Pruning plays a very important role in these plants, so that they do not lose their ability to flower and lose their ability to flower. The annual pruning is done again in the months of November and December by cutting the plants back to 30 to 50cm above the ground.

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