Anyone who has silver jewelry or cutlery at home knows that the noble metal is gradually losing its shine – this is actually due to a natural chemical reaction that runs between the silver and the air. As a result, over time, on any silver surface, unpleasant black patina patches are formed which are easy to remove with the appropriate cleaning agents. Of course, there are a wide variety of different products on the market, but in this article we offer some useful tips on how to use household remedies to clean silver jewelry. Enjoy reading!

Silver jewelry clean with toothpaste

Perhaps the most common way you can clean silver jewelry is to use toothpaste. It is simply ideal when it comes to jewelry with many ornaments and small details. Apply the toothpaste, wait about 10-15 minutes and then brush the surface with a soft toothbrush. The miniature abrasive particles of the toothpaste will eliminate the stains completely and your favorite jewelry will end up guaranteed to sparkle like new!

Silver jewelry clean with salt and aluminum foil

Another effective cleaning method is to use salt and aluminum foil. Take a medium-sized glass bowl and place aluminum foil on the floor. Fill the bowl with hot water and add a teaspoon of salt. If the salt has already dissolved, immerse the silver jewelry in the water, and wait for 1-2 minutes. In the end, all stains are removed and the film turns black, because the aluminum gives off electrons that are absorbed by the silver and help to remove the patina layer. Finally, you should rinse the jewelry with cold water. This method just works wonderfully, but it is important not to keep the jewelry in the water too long, otherwise its surface can be attacked.

Remove patina stains with soda

Silver jewelry can also be cleaned with baking soda. You should mix in a small bowl a packet of baking soda with a little lukewarm water and mix well until you get a pasta, which is applied to the silver jewelry or cutlery. Brush the affected surface with a soft toothbrush and rinse the baking soda with cold water. Instead of baking soda can also use baking soda. This cleaning method is particularly efficient and there is no danger of damaging the jewelry surface.

Clean silver jewelry and cutlery with beer

The black patina on silver objects could also be removed with beer. Maybe that sounds funny to you, but the beer is simply ideal for that purpose because of its high acidity. Fill a bowl with beer and put the jewelry in there for one night. In the morning, rinse the jewelry with cold water and polish its surface with a soft cotton cloth. Slow but effective!

Clean silver jewelry with lemon juice

The unpleasant patina patches can be removed very quickly and easily with lemon juice. Press the juice of half a lemon and with the help of an old toothbrush carefully clean the affected areas on the silver surface. Then polish with a soft cloth. Finished! You will get the same effect even if you dissolve 5-6 tablets of vitamin C in a glass of warm water.

Silver jewelry clean with ultrasound device

As mentioned before, the home remedies for patina stains can do wonders, but there are other variants that are no less effective. Silver jewelery and cutlery can also be cleaned with ultrasound equipment, for example. These devices are not only used in the optics shops – there are also models suitable for the home, which cost not more than 20-30 euros. Fill the ultrasound machine with water and add 1-2 drops of a simple rinse. Immerse the jewelry in the water and wait a minute. Already finished!

Avoid the re-emergence of stains

We hope the tips in this post can help you. You can avoid the re-emergence of stains on your favorite pieces of jewelery or silver cutlery by always keeping them in a velvet box and polishing them with cotton cloth after each use. It also helps to put a piece of chalk in the velvet box, because it absorbs the humidity and thus prevents the discoloration.

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