Städtetrip Europa: Barcelona Hafen
Ocean breezes, gothic architecture and sangria: When you hear these 3 things, Barcelona comes to mind. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and you should definitely visit this city at least once in a lifetime. Even in winter, the weather in Barcelona is mild and this city is perfect for holidays throughout the year. If you have a passion for architecture, Barcelona would be a paradise for you and you should definitely visit the Gaudi Cathedral, Park Güell and the Gothic Quarter. The tourists who dream of a summer vacation can enjoy the 4 km long beach with a sangria in their hands. You can also rent a car, drive to neighboring towns and discover small, romantic beaches. Barcelona is also famous for their football team and if you’re lucky you can watch a football game, but the tickets are sometimes quite expensive. Do not miss Barcelona and its tasty paella!
Städtetrip Europa: Park Guell in Barcelona
Städtetrip Europa: Gaudi Kathedrale in Barcelona
Städtetrip Europa: Strand in Barcelona
Städtetrip Europa: Barcelona vom oben

City trip Europe: Edinburgh, the festival city

Städtetrip Europa: Edinburgh Stadt der Festivals
The most visited city in Britain, second largest city and also the capital of Scotland since 1999: this is Edinburgh. Nearly all the museums are free and if you like to go to festivals, be sure to visit Edinburgh in August as over 50,000 performances take place in summer. Since Edinburgh consists of 2 parts, you can easily make a plan for your trip. The sights are mainly in the old city and in the new you will find many hip cafes, restaurants and shops. But when we say Neustadt, you should not imagine a very modern ambience, since it has existed since the 18th century.
Städtetrip Europa: Aussicht von Edinburgh
Städtetrip Europa: Ross Brunnen in Edinburgh
Städtetrip Europa: Straßen in Edinburgh

Istanbul: where Europe and Asia meet

Städtetrip Europa: Istanbul von oben
Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities in the world because it is a mixture of oriental and European culture. The metropolis is divided from Bosphorus into two parts: European and Asian and is the only city that is located on two continents. With a history of 3000 years, Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in the world. You can find places of interest everywhere and some of the most famous ones are Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque etc. If you go to Istanbul, you should not miss a boat tour over the Bosphorus.
Städtetrip Europa: Bosphorus in Istanbul

Städtetrip Europa: Die blaue Moschee in Istanbul

Lisbon – the capital of Portugal

Städtetrip Europa: Faszinierendes Lissabon
Lisbon has recently become popular with tourists for its cozy restaurants, narrow streets and beautiful views. Also, since some low-cost airlines offer flights to Lisbon, this destination became even more popular among European travelers. Do not wait and book your flights to sunny Lisbon!
Städtetrip Europa: Blick über Lissabon
Städtetrip Europa: Lissabon Hafen
Städtetrip Europa: Lissabon märchenhafte Gebäude

Prague – one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

Städtetrip Europa: Besuchen Sie Prag!
Do you enjoy beer, cozy ambience and inspiring architecture? If so, be sure to visit Prague. The beautiful buildings are truly fabulous and if you are in Prague, be sure to visit the Charles Bridge, which is one of the most beautiful sights in the city. Here, the traditional cuisine is so delicious and the inhabitants are friendly and hospitable. You can also combine a trip to Prague with Vienna and Budapest, because the 3 cities are not far from each other.
Städtetrip Europa: Interessante Architektur in Prag
Städtetrip Europa: Das alte Zentrum in Prag
Städtetrip Europa: Blick über Prag

The Eternal City – Rome

Städtetrip Europa: Rom ist Stadt von Antiken und Genuss
Who does not love Rome? Not for nothing it was said that all roads lead to Rome. The list of sights here is endless: the Coliseum, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Forum Romunam, Palatine Hill, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, etc. You should plan that Vatican will require at least a full day. In Rome it smells of pizza and pasta everywhere, but do not forget to drink a glass of Prosecco and taste the gelato for dessert. Actually, we recommend Gelato not only as a dessert, but enjoy the Italian ice cream as much as possible!
Städtetrip Europa: Kolosseum in Rom
Städtetrip Europa: Trevi Fontäne
Städtetrip Europa: Rom die uralte Stadt
Städtetrip Europa: Rom ist einen wahrgewordenen Traum
Städtetrip Europa: Blick über Rom

A look over Barcelona

Städtetrip Europa: Barcelona Aussicht

Streets in Barcelona

Städtetrip Europa: Straße in Barcelona

Barcelona from above

Städtetrip Europa: Aussicht vom oben in Barcelona

Edinburgh Castle

City break Europe: Castle in Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh

Städtetrip Europa: Das Universität in Edinburgh

View over Istanbul

Städtetrip Europa: Nächtlichen Istanbul

Modern Istanbul

Städtetrip Europa: Istanbul bei Nacht

Streets in Istanbul

Städtetrip Europa: Straße in Istanbul

Urban ambience in Lisbon

Städtetrip Europa: Lissabon Straßen

Fog in Prague

Städtetrip Europa: Charles Brücke in Prag

View over Prague

Städtetrip Europa: Blick über Prag

The old place in Prague

Städtetrip Europa: Der Platz von alter Stadt in Prag

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