Weihnachtskranz grün Tannenzweige Christbaumkugeln
Weihnachtskranz rote Äpfel Tannezweige Schleife
Weihnachtskranz originell Beeren Sterne
Weihnachtskranz Naturmaterialien Zuckerstangen
Weihnachtskranz originell Eingangstür
The Christmas wreath for the front door has been a tradition for ages. It will give your home a festive and inviting look that will impress your family, neighbors, guests and even the casual street passers-by. The wreath can easily be done by yourself, and there are a multitude of creative ideas with different materials that you can try on as you wish. Hang the finished wreath on the door and bring the happy Christmas spirit into your own home! We hope that you find something for you below the ideas below, and wish you a lot of fun crafting!

Christmas wreath made from natural materials

Weihnachtskranz personalisiert Naturmaterialien
Weihnachtskranz originell viereckige Form
Weihnachtskranz sternförmig Nüsse
Weihnachtskranz Tannanzapfen silbern rote Akzente
Weihnachtskranz Tannenzapfen lackiert
Weihnachtskranz Christbaumkugeln Kunstschnee
Weihnachtskranz Tannenzweige rote Äpfel
Weihnachtskranz originell Nüsse
Weihnachtskranz grüne Mistelzweige Sterne
Weihnachtskranz getrocknete Orangenscheiben
Weihnachtskranz groß FRüchte Tannezweige
Weihnachtskranz Naturmaterialien
Weihnachtskranz selber machen Beeren Orangenschalen
Usually, the Christmas wreath is made from materials such as green fir and mistletoe, berries, baubles and pine cones wrapped in a little flower wire – this is actually the easiest way to make a wreath. However, if you wish your door deco to look original and unique, you can also go untraditional by using unusual materials. An idea in this regard are, for example, the fruits such as apple and lemons, which you can attach with some skill to the wreath. And what do you mean by a fragrant Christmas wreath with dried orange slices? Add some fir branches, 2-3 small Christmas balls and a bow, and the result will just look fantastic! Nuts are also a great option if you make a wreath for the front door – these can either be used as a decoration, or you can make the wreath completely out of it. For the second variant, you will certainly need a ready-made base made of styrofoam – this can be found in the well-assorted craft shops. You could cover the Styrofoam circle with acorns, chestnuts, peanuts, pine cones or other materials, then let dry well, and decorate as desired.

Christmas wreath with sweets

Weihnachtskranz Süßigkeiten Weihnachtskugeln rot
Weihnachtskranz ungewöhnlich Lekuchenmann
Weihnachtskranz originell Zuckerstangen
Weihnachtskranz Zuckerstangen rote Schleife
Weihnachtskranz aus Süßigkeiten harte Bonbons
Apart from natural materials, which are a classic in making a Christmas wreath, there are also other very original variants that you can choose – for example, to decorate the wreath with sweets! Candy canes, lollipops and hard candies are just perfect for this purpose and you can find examples of them in the photos in this post. A great idea is also the wreath, decorated with popcorn or a gingerbread man, which you have connected with a loop and some glue circular.

Christmas wreath – other unusual craft ideas

Weihnachtskranz künstlich Weihnachtskugeln Schleifen
Weihnachtskranz originell Knöpfe
Weihnachtskranz Glöckchen
Weihnachtskranz weiß künstlich
Weihnachtskranz Stoff rote Schleife
Weihnachtskranz personalisiert Fotos
Weihnachtskranz Papier origineller Look
Weihnachtskranz herrlich mit Familienfotos
Weihnachtskranz ungewöhnlich Röhre
Weihnachtskranz Stoff rot Weihnachtskugeln
Weihnachtskranz tolle Idee aus Papier
Weihnachtskranz Garn Beeren herrlicher Look
Weihnachtskranz Stoff Leinen Organza
Weihnachtskranz künstlich Christbaumkugeln
Weihnachtskranz origineller Look Zeitungspapier
If you want to keep the front door wreath for the next few years, you could make it entirely out of artificial materials – such as Christmas balls, bells, and other Christmas tree decorations. These kind of wreaths look really colorful, happy and glamorous. Another option is to use fabric. Take a ready-made base and stick it on colored linens. Make loops from organza or other colorful felt decorations. Or you can wrap the base with thick wool yarn – it looks really interesting too. And get a vintage look by decorating the Styrofoam circle with newspaper. You can fold out of paper roses and other origami figures and decorate the Christmas wreath – the result is not very durable, but looks really beautiful. And if you want something out of the ordinary, you can make a personalized wreath for the front door with family photos – such examples can also be found in our photos. You can also deviate from the traditional round shape and make a rectangular or star-shaped wreath.

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