Masks are available in all cultures. As accessories! To the delight! For protection! They hide and protect their wearer. You have probably sometimes dreamed of getting out of the ordinary and trying yourself as someone else, right? Masks give you this great opportunity to slip into another role. This opportunity sometimes gives us a Christmas party. Whether as a masquerade ball with colleagues planned, a party with friends or theme party planned, the Christmas party makes us dream and fill us like in fairy tales! They appear in numerous forms and motifs. Man or animal, woman or man and why not Santa Claus? what do you prefer? One thing is certain here: When it comes to masks, anything is possible! Do not you mean it? Masks are available for every occasion. What would a festival be without masks? Carnival, Carnival, Halloween as well as any other occasion fails without the powerful attributes, as all these occasions are famous for their masks and costumes and known to the present day. Masks could therefore serve not only as a perfect accessory for your disguise, but also as a costume alone. Especially for those who do not feel like an expensive make-up or a fancy hairstyle, masking is a fantastic alternative. Of course you can buy masks. But do not waste your money on similar masks on the market. If you want to excel in creativity and originality, then opt for the do-it-yourself variant by making masks yourself!

Do you want to make unique masks yourself?

Masks have a special magic and effect. They give you an effective look, could also serve as a complement to a noble and stylish disguise: a touch of elegance! Matching masking offers you a degree of anonymity and mystery. For this reason, masks are becoming increasingly popular with children and adults, especially when it comes to a corporate party, Christmas party or

If you would like to complete your Santa Claus look, we recommend borrowing a Santa Claus costume . Scroll down to get some clever ideas and inspiration to make your own creative masks for every occasion!

Masks – your second face!

You are invited to a masked ball and would like to make a special mask? Then you are right here! Unique and individual appearance is easy to create. Make masks yourself is our suggestion! All you need is a bit of creativity and skill to attract everyone’s attention. Trust us! The simple instructions can be found here.

Everyone can make masks!

When making your own you need the following materials:

Lamp film; Organza substances; Feathers; Gemstones (or glitter); Paper; Glass beads; Pen; Scissors; Wire; Spray; Puncher; Jewelery glue; Satin ribbons; Duct tape; Tape tape;

You need it while making your own!

First make templates! Draw masks according to your own imagination or simply print templates according to your taste! Use papprest for making stencils!

Transfer template to the lamp foil and cut out masks! Self-adhesive side should be below! Again use stencil for the organza fabric and also cut out a mask! Tailored fabric serves as inner lining of the mask! Remove the protective foil from the lamp foil! Remove fabric wrinkle-free on the self-adhesive part of the mask! Then make holes with the punch at the top corners!

Glue the pointed tapes! Use the double-sided adhesive tape to attach the spikes! Attach the tape around the contours of the mask and put the spiked tape over it!

Decorate now! Sparkle as desired! Attach gemstones and ornaments! Depending on your taste, add more decorative elements! Feathers match the mask perfectly!

Cut satin ribbon! Take it twice and shorten it to the desired head circumference! Make room for a loop to close the mask!

To help you understand how to create unique masks, the guide is illustrated with a few pictures. Take a look at it! Have fun making your own!

Making masks yourself: that’s how it’s done!

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

Which mask suits you best? Still no idea? Looking for new ideas? Then discover more creative DIY suggestions for self-made masks in the following gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

The miracle effect of the masks!

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