The first snow has fallen. The fireplace is ignited and orange peels are burned inside. The four pre-Christmas weeks have come and the preparations have begun. But what is a Christmas atmosphere without the appropriate Christmas decoration? So that you feel the Christmas breeze in your home and spend cozy and warm Advent, we have prepared for you 60 craft ideas with some instructions. And since it’s for Christmas, there are still gifts! You can find many Christmas motifs for free! Have fun!

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning! … tinker with Christmas motives to print an advent calendar!

Do you know how the advent calendar came to fruition? A little boy, Gerd Lang, was very excited a month before Christmas and asked his mother again and again how many days until Christmas. The mother took 24 small boxes, wrote numbers on it and put a biscuit in each. That was the first advent calendar. Later, Gerd Lang had an idea and corrupted the printed Advent calendar with angel pictures. Do you have creative ideas like Gerd? Below you will find inspiration on how to make and decorate your Advent Calendar!

DIY ideas for advent calendars

The advent calendar actually means gift boxes. And you can really make these boxes out of everything! Just choose a Christmas theme, print it out and fold it for instructions or just stick it on. There are no rules here and the imagination knows no bounds! Oh! Sorry, there is a rule! The boxes must be 24 ๐Ÿ™‚

DIY tutorial with Christmas motives for printing and toilet rolls

Scroll down to see a DIY guide to unique advent calendars! The toilet rolls can be decorated with wool, glued on with colored foil or wrapping paper or simply painted to your liking. Choose from our Christmas designs interesting templates with numbers and print one out. Either print them out on a cardboard box if your pusher offers this function or stick the printed motifs on cardboard circles. Fill the rolls of toilet paper with surprises and only then glue the circles with numbers on rolls on one side and cardboard boxes without numbers on other sides. Finished!

Prepare Gifts : Why not donate with Unicef โ€‹โ€‹instead of gifts?

Instructions: Christmas Calendar Gift Boxes

You need these materials:

Step 1: Print out the templates and cut them out

Step 2: Write it down: 24 days, 24 surprises, 24 smiles …

DIY Instructions: Christmas decorations can also be simple and modern

Here is the required template for printing:

Step 1: Half fold the printed original

All you need is: fabric or paper, scissors, glue and wool

Cut out the Christmas trees using templates and then either gluing or sewing – according to your choice

Trapping and hanging

Do not forget the Christmas tree decoration too!

Print the picture and fold as shown:

The kids love Christmas stockings! To make the celebration better, make a tinker with the children!

For the socks you need Christmas motives to print … and this again:

Step 1: Print the template

Lay the template on the fabric and paint it

Now comes the cut. You need 2 identical templates, which you sew together afterwards

The best Christmas decoration is this that you do with your heart! Let yourself be inspired!

We have prepared for you unique free template for printing

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