4 creative Christmas dinner ideas

Christmas is the most popular celebration of children and adults as well. The whole family comes together, everyone exchanges gifts, guests and friends are invited. But here are the questions: what’s on the table and who should be in the kitchen for the whole holiday to prepare food? But here we have to get involved. Weihnachtsessen Ideen vor! Our experts will introduce you to these four fast Christmas dinner ideas!

Christmas dinner ideas list:

For Christmas table are typical dishes with meat. After Advent, which ends on Christmas Eve, Christmas is the first day meat dishes are served on the table.

Roast goose with red cabbage and potato dumplings

lassiker zur Weihnachtszeit K lassiker at Christmas time

Clear soup

Spicy mustard and potato soup

Potato tart with Harissa dip

Schnitzel with potatoes

Tender veal fillet in a tasty onion-mustard sauce

A compulsory Christmas dish on the table is the stuffed goose with sauce. What we need is a whole goose, 3 sour apples, 1 onion, 2 teaspoons of flour, 100 ml of chicken broth, salt and other spices to taste. The goose is washed and then sprinkled with salt. Then we sprinkle with the remaining spices and fill with the peeled apples. The goose uses a quarter of onions. In a pan, add 200 ml of water with a little salt, then place the goose upside down and bake in the oven for one hour. Pour regularly with the sauce. Then the goose is turned and baked for another hour. After the goose is done, it is taken out of the oven. The sauce must be taken and boiled for another two minutes. Gradually add the broth and the flour. Stir until the substance thickens, but avoid lumps. If you want, you can add more spices. The food is served with boiled Brussels sprouts.

Another tasty idea: Spicy potatoes with mustard are also part of the German Christmas table. You need 1 kg of potatoes, 50 ml of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of mustard, green onions, parsley and salt. First you have to cook the potatoes, then peel and cut into slices and spice them with a bit of vinegar. The olive oil, vinegar and mustard are mixed with the chopped green onions and parsley and added to the warm potatoes. They are done!

2 more Christmas dinner ideas desserts

Passion Fruit Buttermilk Dessert with meringue sprinkles

Christmas Tiramisu

Stuffed Portobello mushrooms with winter turmeric quinoa


Christmas cookies with coconut

Here come German Christmas cookies with coconut. What do you need to prepare? Ingredients: Coconut – 10 teaspoons coconut, sugar – 1 tea glass, eggs – 4 egg whites, vanilla – 1 packet, cinnamon – 1/3 teaspoon, powdered salt – 1 pinch. Preparation: make the oven warm up to 130 degrees. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they look like fuzzy snow and while still beating, add the sugar. Then mix carefully with vanilla, cinnamon and grated coconut. Fill a spray in the shape of a star and spray small candies on a tray that is covered with baking paper. Put the German Christmas cookies with coconut in the oven for about 1/2 hour.

What else can you prepare stormily? Why not passion fruit pudding? Ingredients for two servings: 10 passionas, 150 ml milk, 2 frozen TI custard powder, 3 tbsp sugar and 150 ml whipped cream.

Preparation: First, halve 2 passion fruits. After that, you should spoon out the pulp and set it aside. Halve 8 passionas in half, spoon out the pulp, place in a tall container and puree with the cutting stick and pass through a fine sieve. Boil the resulting juice (about 100 ml) with 150 ml milk and 3 tbsp sugar in a saucepan. Stir 2 cres. Of custard powder with 4 tbsp milk and stir into the boiling passion fruit milk. Boil once, then place in a bowl and allow to cool with occasional stirring. Stir on the last 150 ml of whipped cream. Fill the pudding in 2 dessert bowls and serve with the cream and the remaining pulp.

Bon Appetit and Merry Christmas!


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