Your idea of ​​Christmas is a lit fireplace, where Christmas stockings hang, a cozy ambience and a warm evening with the whole family? But you do not have a fireplace at home? With this decorative cardboard chimney your dream of warm Christmas days becomes reality! Follow our instructions and you will have a cozy Christmas time like never before!

Decorative fireplace made of cardboard – inexpensive coziness

Santa Claus comes through the fireplace, right? We do not know that, but we say that to our children. And what if you do not have a fireplace at home, where will Santa Claus come from? No worries! Here you will learn how to make a fake decorative fireplace made of cardboard yourself. So you give your children not only a cozy home and a beautiful Christmas, but faith 🙂

Decorative fireplace made of cardboard – the manual

Dekokamin is also perfect not only for the Christmas season, but also as a beautiful part of the interior. All you need for this fireplace is inexpensive and easy to find – cardboard of course, a pair of scissors, wallpaper to stick, tape and a wooden board. Wallpaper and wooden board are not obligatory. As you can see, we used the board to build a stable ground for decoration. Instead of wallpaper with stone look, you can paint the stones themselves.

Prepare cardboard box

Generally, you need two types of cardboard boxes – one white and one black. But you can take a normal package from a washing machine for example and use the back.

Fold the boxes as shown in the picture:

The black cardboard plays the role of the front of the fireplace and the white boxes are the pillars. After folding, sticking the box together follows:

When your decorative cardboard chimney is ready, you can put the wooden board:

Then paste the wallpaper or paint fake stones:


Creative ideas for decoration of fake fireplace

The fireplace itself creates a warm and cozy ambience, but the decoration makes the Christmas time unforgettable! The Christmas socks should not be missing! The fireplace is perfect for candles, advent calendars or pine cones. Nice decoration ideas can be found

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