Holy baptism is an event for the baptized person that begins life as a Christian and as a member of the Church. The christening ceremony is usually celebrated within the family circle and is an emotional experience for both the childbirth and the attendees. Anyone who is invited to a baptism would like to give the baptized a beautiful souvenir of the special day with his baptismal gift. Especially beautiful baptism gifts are not so easy to find.

Christening – personal remembrance of a special occasion

It is very special when you become one of the most important people at the christening ceremony and have to choose a gift for your godchild. The baptism gift can of course be a religious gift – but it does not have to be. Godparents may be more or less oriented towards a personalized or symbolic craft. This can be a baptism jewelry with engraving or something personal, which also remains as a souvenir of the christening ceremony. The jewelry can vary from colorful beads and leather to fine silver and gold. Through colors and patterns, the pieces of jewelery can receive a very personal look by embossing or engraving as desired.

Personalized christening gift – always a good decision

Textile gift with printed or embroidered name or even traditional baptism gifts from godparents such as printed christening candles, embroidered name pillows and hair sets or children’s cutlery with engraving, are always a good decision for a personal christening gift. If you have a hand for self-styling and a lot of ideas, you can also create something very special, for example crafting, sewing or grinding.

Homemade gifts – a unique story

A great christening gift for a cute christening, made with love, which finds its place on a wall in the nursery and remains as a good reminder of the baptism. The kinsfolk invests sometimes in larger gifts and friends often give rather pretty, in the best case also practical little things for the child. As a rule, the baptismal gifts of godparents are of a higher quality, so that the baptized person receives a memory for life. Although the baptismal gifts of godparents should be something eternal, the gifts of baptism are a friendly gesture that should be remembered, but not necessarily expensive.

A very original gift for baptism

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